Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to wire Single Phase Kwh Energy Meter

With another Electrical wiring class, I am gonna to publish a post about energy meter wiring diagram OR how to wire a single phase Kwh (Kilowatt Hour) energy meter. In this post i only share with you diagram in which i shown the complete method of energy meter wiring or instillation.

Energy meter is an electric meter which read your consumption of current or load, In many places energy meter provide by electric supply company, and also it's wired and instilled by electric supply company, however as electrical student you must learn this wiring connection but be safe before doing this or if you can't do this then call a professional.

However my work to provide you the wiring diagram of kwh energy meter and it's connection method. Below energy meter diagram i shown a single phase Kwh meter with incoming supply and out going supply to home, collage, shop etc.
Kwh energy meter wiring diagram

In the above diagram,'' i shown an utility pole form which i get supply to kilowatt hour E meter and after that i get supply form energy meter. In diagram i use red coler wire for Line ( phase) and black for Neutral wire.
You can wire analog and digital energy meter using this method.
But be Care full this is dangerous and always call a professional to do this wiring connection.

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