Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to Wire a Doorbell

In Electrical wiring doorbell wiring is very important and useful connection. In every home we wire a doorbell and with out this wiring connection the all wiring is incomplete. In this post i will share three wiring diagrams of door bell in which i shown door bell transformer wiring, door bell with push button and two door system wiring.

How to Wire a doorbell?

To wire a door bell first of all connect the neutral wire to doorbell first terminal or connect to door bell wire. Then connect the phase (L) wire to push button and the do a wire connection between  bell and push button 2nd terminal as shown in below diagram.

doorbell wiring

In the Above diagram i wired a door bell with push button and i also shown a symbols diagram. This diagram is for those door bells with are working on 220 V or 110 V and have internal power supply. The next diagram for those bells which don't have internal power supply or transformer which step down the electric current.

How to Wire a doorbell with Step down transformer

The next doorbell diagram for those door bells which required a step down transformer. E.g if a doorbell required 12 or 24 Volt (V) and we have 220 volt AC incoming supply then we use step down transformer for these types of doorbells.
In this wiring first we wire the step down transformer and then we follow the same method which we use for above doorbell wiring as shown in below diagram.

wire a transformer door bell

How to wire doorbell two door system

In this system we use a door bell for two doors. E.g if we have two door in our home and people can enter with both places then this doorbell connection is better then using two doorbells. In this bell wiring connection we use two push button and one door bell. In this connection will gave supply to two push button and get supply from push button for one terminal of bell as shown in below diagram.

wire a door bell from 2 push button

In the above door bell wiring diagram i shown diagram with transformer and if you have a doorbell which have internal step down supply then you can also follow and use the above first diagram method. I hope now you learn doorbell wiring , however if you have any question regarding this post then do a comment in below section.

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