Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Wire Lights in Parallel With Switch

For learning E wiring, A person always start from base and those whose join short ways they never succeed. In this post we will talk about wiring lights in parallel which we will control by a one way switch. From this post you will get an idea of parallel circuit. Some Requirements are required for doing this connection in home piratically.


Lights / bulbs : 2 lights
Electric supply : AC 220 volt
Switch : 1 switch
Bulb sockets : 2 bulb sockets
Screw drive

Wiring Lights in Parallel with Switch

For wiring light in parallel circuit with a switch, first of all connect the neutral wire to the both lamp sockets one one terminal. After that connect the Line Wire (Phase Wire) to switch  terminal and then connect a wire between switch 2nd terminal and bulb socket / holders 2nd 2nd terminal as shown in below diagram.

wiring lights in parallel

In above Image i shown switch symbol and bulb socket symbols with complete wiring connection. However here is some posts link below for more learning.

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Now if you have any question regarding this post or wiring lights in parallel circuit then do ask me in below comments section. Thank you

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