Friday, February 17, 2017

3 Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram with DOL Stater

Today I am here to share with you the 3 phase submersible pump wiring diagram. In which I control a three phase submersible pump motor using magnetic contactor. Not only a contactor but also I install the thermal overload relay which will protect the motor form burning in case of over current flow to the circuit. In the diagram I showed the 3 Pole MCCB breaker, magnetic contactor , thermal overload protection relay, and normally open, normally close push button switches. 3 phase submersible pump motor and electric wiring connection. This will be the complete guide of controlling a three phase submersible pump motor using magnetic contactor.

3 Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram Explanation Complete Guide

Before I explain the diagram. I want to write about the device and things in this circuit. In Circuit first we use the MCCB breaker. (Module Case Circuit Breaker)
We used a three pole MCCB circuit breaker in the diagram. This circuit breaker will control the all substances use in the circuit and we can switch on/off the electric power supply by using the three pole circuit breaker. In the diagram I did not control the neutral wire. However if you want to control the neutral (N) black wire then you must use the 4 pole circuit breaker.

The next thing which used in the circuit is the magnetic contactor. Basically a contactor is a type of relay which we can use for different works. However if you want to learn more about the magnetic contactor basic explanation then the below guide is for you.

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The push button switches which used in the circuit is NC and NO switches. The normally open contacts switch will be use for starting the motor. And normally close contacts push button switch will be used for switch off the motor or load.

The next device which use in the below 3 phase submersible pump wiring diagram is a thermal overload relay. Which we use to protect or switch off the motor or load during over current flow. This device is available in different shapes and different values according load. In thermal overload protector we have move able ampere adjustable. From which we can setup the ampere or load level.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Manual changeover switch wiring diagram for portable generator

Today i am writing about manual changeover switch wiring diagram , as you know that we use generator as emergency power source in our house wiring , we can do the generator changeover system in two methods, in which one is manual and 2nd one automatic system. This post is about the manual changeover switch wiring diagram for portable generator, and IN SHAA ALLAH  we also write and make diagram about the automatic changeover switch wiring which we known better with the name of the ATS system. (Automatic transfer switch)

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Monday, January 2, 2017

RCD Wiring Installation In Single Phase Distribution Board

Today i am wiring about the rcd wiring installation in single phase distribution board. as you know that we always focus on safety and protection in electrical works. And that's because of that electrical works and electrical wiring is more than dangerous form other works. Always safety first in every work.
RCD are available in many types but fixed RCD (residual current device) are number one device to make a great protection in electrical single phase wiring installation.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Submersible Pump Control Box Wiring Diagram For 3 Wire Single Phase

Today i am hear to write about submersible pump control box wiring diagram , in this post you will complete understood about 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram which is an single phase submersible pump motor. Why we called a single phase submersible motor a 3 wire submersible, that we also know that we have two wire in single phase power supply.
As you know that we have two types of winding in a single phase motor and these coils have also two starting and finishing ends, So we connect one one end of each coils and make a common point which know also with name of common point. And the other ends called starting and running terminals or connection. So we have 3 wire terminals or wire which out form the motor , that's why we called this 3 wire motor.
In the post you will completely learn about single phase submersible pump control box wiring diagram, and this diagram not to hard to understand like there own diagram which is mostly available in control box back side.

Single phase submersible pump control box wiring diagram - 3 wire submersible pump wiring diagram

In submersible pump control box we use a capacitor, a resit able thermal overload and DPST switch (double pole single throw). The wiring connection of submersible pump control box is very simple. Here is the complete guide step by step.

  • First of all switch of the main circuit breaker in your distribution board, this for that reason that you can work safely and protect himself form electric accidents.
  • Then connect the supply to input wire connectors. 
Now if the box is not wire then flow the steps and if the box is wired then last steps is for you.

  • After that get connection from wire connectors and then connect your neutral and Line wire (hot wire / phase) to the double pole single throw switch as i shown in the below diagram.
  • Then get hot wire connection form DPST switch and connect to the reset able thermal overload protector. And form overload protector connect this (black wire) to one of the output wire connector.
  • Now get your neutral wire (blue) form the switch and connect to capacitor, and form same terminal of capacitor connect it to one of the output connector.
  • Then connect a wire form other free side of capacitor terminal and connect to the one of the out wire connectors which i shown with red or brown color in diagram.
  • In 1 number connector connect your ground or earth wire as i shown in diagram with green color.

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