How To Make A Series Testing Board Diagram

This post is about the series testing board which we can use in those places where we did not available another electrical testing device. It is the oldest but one of the best methods of testing electric appliances or devices. In many places where we do have not a multimeter and we are required to test an electric motor or another connectivity test then we can use a series testing board which is very simple to wire or make however, we can not test all things but the necessity is the mother of invention.


How To Wire A Series Electric Testing Board

To wire a simple testing board, you will require an electrical outlet or 2-pin socket, an incandescent light bulb and a holder. To wire the electric testing board, first of all, connect the neutral wire to the lamp holder and then connect the phase wire to the outlet terminal and then connect a wire between the socket/outlet and holder as shown in the below diagram.


series testing board diagram

Advantage And Uses of Series testing board

There are many advantages and uses of the series board some are below.
We can make this board any time within a small time.
We can use it for connectivity tests.
We can use it for short-circuit tests.
We can find out the shortage in any electrical appliances.
We can do a connection of a 3-phase motor in the start, delta.
We can find out the start and run common connection in electric motor or compressor.
We can test the conductor by using this board.

The uses and advantages of a series testing board in unlimited and we can use it for many things. This is a simple diagram of the series board but we can not test low-resistance appliances / electrical devices, however, my incoming post will be about the series board for low-resistance appliances testing.

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