Saturday, January 26, 2019

This post is about the autonics fx4 counter wiring with direct online starter and proximity sensor with complete diagram. In the post I shown a diagram of complete wiring of direct online starter with mccb circuit breaker, magnetic contactor, thermal overload relay or 3 phase motor protection relay, Normally open push button switch, normally close push button switch, fx4 counter and proximity sensor with complete wiring connection.
The wiring is divided- in two parts. main wiring and controlling wiring. First I will talk about the main wiring which is about wiring for the 3 phase induction motor. And the 2nd wiring is controlling of direct online starter with Autonics fx4 counter with proximity sensor.

Autonics Fx4 Counter , Proximity Sensor Wiring With Direct Online Starter Diagram

First see the autonics fx4 counter connection with direct online starter diagram. Then I will explain step by step..

Autonics fx4 counter with dol starter and proximity sensor diagram

In the above counter with dol starter diagram. The 3 phase supply L1, L2, L3 (red, yellow, blue) is connected to the MCCB (molded case circuit breaker). After the MCCB Circuit breaker the main supply is connected to the magnetic contactor main terminals. And after the contactor the 3 phase supply goes to thermal overload relay. After the thermal overload relay the 3 phase supply goes to the 3 phase induction motor. The earth connection is also connected the 3 phase motor.

Control Wiring Of Autonics Fx4 Counter For DOL Starter with Proximity Sensor

The magnetic contactor and fx4 counter will work on 220 VAC. It's means that we also need the neutral wire. So first of all connect the neutral wire to the NC terminal of thermal overload relay. if you connect the it to 95 terminal then get supply to from the 96 terminal. After that provide the neutral wire to the contactor A1 coil terminal and counter 9 terminal. As I shown the neutral wire connection with black color in above diagram. After get the line supply from one of the above lines. I get the Line wire from the L3 which you can see in the above diagram. The line wire is shown with red color. The line wire is connected to the normally close push button switch. After that the wire goes to the normally open push button switch. From there a  red color wire goes to the Normally open auxiliary contacts for magnetic contactor. This is called hold current wire.
After that the hold wire will goes from the other side of auxiliary contact and connect to the counter 1 and 2 terminal.
From the normally open push button switch a blue color wire will connect to the counter 3 terminal and contactor A2 coil terminal. This is called touch or starting current wire.

That is all. Soon I will upload video about the autonics fx4 counter connection with direct online starter and proximity sensor working video and diagram explanation video.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Autonics Fx4 counter with proximity sensor diagram, today i will share the diagram of fx4 counter which a digital counter made by the autonics company. This counter have a digital display and 8 switches for increasing or decreasing the counting. This counter is used with proximity sensor. In the fx4 counter we have 14 terminals for connection. In which 1 and 8 terminals for AC supply 220 VAC. You can also use a 7 VA transformer to provide the electric power to the autonics fx4 counter. The 9 terminal is for 12 Volts DC 50ma and 12 and 13 terminal for CP1 And CP2 for sensor sensing wire. The 14 terminal is for O volts DC or negative terminal for proximity sensor. In the proximity sensor we have 3 wires. The brown color wire for 12 Volts or 24 Volts DC. The blue color wire is negative and black color wire is for sensing.

Autonics Fx4 Counter Connection with Proximity Sensor Diagram

In the below i shown the complete fx4 counter wiring diagram with connection of proximity sensor. Also i shown the AC supply connection with counter.

autonics fx4 counter with proximity sensor diagram