Star Delta Starter Wiring Diagram 3 phase With Timer

Star delta starter wiring diagram, this post is about the main wiring connection of three phase motor with star delta starter and control wiring diagram of star delta starter. For three phase motor we use the direct online starter but mostly for small three phase motor. But high load 3 phase motor we use the star delta starter for motor control. A star delta starter is a type of motor starter which runs 3 phase motor in star in starting time. And when the motor start, after some time it's run the motor in delta connection.

Star Delta Starter Wiring Diagram 3 Phase

To make a star delta starter you need...

1 MCCB Circuit Breaker
3 magnetic contactors
3 phase motor thermal overload relay / Electronic overload relay OCR
An on daily timer (8 pin timer with 8 pin glass type relay socket/base)
1 Normally close push button switch
1 Normally open push button switch
Electric wires for main motor wiring
Electric wires for controlling wiring

Star Delta Starter Wiring For 3 Phase Motor Diagram

Here I have shown the complete star delta starter wiring diagram 3 phase. The three-phase supply shown with RED, Yellow, And Blue Coolers.- All connections with a 3 phase induction motor.

star delta starter wiring diagram

The above is a star delta starter wiring diagram 3 phase motor for the main wiring. Now let's see the star delta starter control circuit diagram with timer, NC/NO push button switches.

Star delta starter control circuit diagram

star delta starter control circuit diagram

In the above star delta starter control circuit wiring diagram with timer and normally close push button/normally open push button switch. In the control wiring diagram, all magnetic contactors coils are rated 220 VAC. A 8 pin timer is used. The on delay timer diagram is also shown in the diagram.

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