Saturday, February 17, 2018

Staircase Timer Wiring Diagram - Using On Delay Timer And Relay

Today I am sharing staircase timer wiring diagram. In this post you will complete learn how to use a on delay timer as staircase timer with finder 8 pin relay. In the today staircase wiring with timer diagram. I use a on delay timer which mostly use for star delta connection, a 8 pin relay, and push button switches.

Staircase Timer Wiring Diagram - Staircase connection with timer

In the below staircase timer wiring diagram I shown 2 8 pin relay socket, a on daily timer, a 8 pin finder type relay, 2 push button switches, a light bulb and wiring connection.
In the below wiring diagram I shown also the star delta i.c timer wiring diagram. And 8 pin finder relay wiring diagram. In the below wiring connection I use the on delay timer as staircase timer. In the below staircase timer wiring the relay use as holding current device. When someone push the push button the relay the timer and relay operate and light switch on. But when the timer complete the time the timer off the relay and the relay reset the timer. 

So if you want to ON a machine for a specific time then you can use the below connection for motor.

staircase timer wiring diagram

The above staircase wiring with timer diagram is very to understand. However if you have any question then you can use the below comments section. Also read the below post...

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Why I use 8 pin relay with timer

In the above staircase timer wiring diagram I use the 8 pin finder relay. So I can switch off any device my using the timer than why I use relay in above circuit diagram.

When operate the timer. The timer change the normally close to open circuit in on delay timer but this timer did not switch off himself. In other words the timer did not reset automatically. So in the above case we need to reset timer automatically when the specific timer over. So I use relay as holding current to relay and as reset for timer. 

Now I hope you completely understood that how use a relay as reset switch with timer, and staircase timer wiring diagram. Stay tune with us.... And Take care.


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