Friday, December 15, 2017

Today you will learn about "how to control a single phase submersible pump motor" or how to control single phase motor from two points. In this type of controlling we used the two magnetic contactor and two double pole mcb circuit breakers (Miniature Circuit Breakers), two normal open push button switches and 2 normal open push button switches.

How to control single phase motor from two places

The motor will control from two places, in which the first place supply will come from the Main kWh Energy meter and for 2nd place the supply comes from kWh check meter or 2nd energy meter.
Here I explain the complete controlling and wiring diagram step by step. In this type of connection a single phase motor used under two householders in which one owner of houses and the 2nd are people who take the 2nd house on rent.

So the motor can be on/off from both places. For that we can do connection as I shown in the below diagram.

how to control single phase motor from two points

In the above how to control single phase motor from two points diagram the first energy meter supply goes to first MCB circuit breaker and kWh check meter. From the kWh check meter the supply goes to the 2nd double pole MCB circuit breaker.

From the first double pole mcb circuit breaker the supply goes to the first contactor and to contactor push button switches or on/off the motor. But here we do an interlock system. In which if the motor start from first contactor then no one can start it from the second place (contactor) in same time. And when the motor switch off from first place then the 2nd person can on/off the motor from second places. But if motor start from the second place then no one can on/off the motor from the first place.

The same connection done with same contactor, the supply comes from the double pole mcb circuit breaker and connect to the contactor. And from there the supply goes to the on/off motor push button swathes. (The start button shown with green color and red button shown as motor OFF button).

The motor output supply is take from the output terminals of contactor and from there the supply goes to the motor as shown in the above diagram. The both output supply are connect together in which the output neutral wire from the first contactor is connected with 2nd contactor output neutral wire and then neutral wire goes to the motor. And same done with Phase (Line) wire.  If you want to learn about the single phase submersible pump starter wiring diagram the read the below guide...

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I hope this single phase motor controlling from the two places diagram (how to control single phase motor from two points) help you. If you have any question then you can ask me in the below commenting box.
Note that this diagram is just from information and learning. Don’t try this type of connection in your home himself, and for doing this type of connection call a professional. Stay tune with us and take care…..