Friday, May 5, 2017

3 Phase Manual Changeover Switch Wiring Diagram For Generator

As you know that we start from the basic steps. In this post I am writing about 3 phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram or three phase manual transfer switch wiring diagram. As you know that I already published a post and diagram about the manual changeover switch wiring diagram (single phase) with complete installation and wiring connection method. In Today post I am here to write and share a diagram about the three phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram and it's installation with incoming supply from the main supply, incoming supply from the 3 phase generator and outgoing supply to the three phase load. Note that this diagram is about the manual handle type change over switch and IN SHA ALLAH soon I will make a diagram about the rotary type change over switch wiring diagram for single phase, three phases and three phase four wire system.

3 Phase Manual Changeover Switch Wiring Diagram For Generator With Complete Installation Guide

The 3 phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram is too simple and easy connection. For better understanding kindly read the below single phase handle type manual transfer switch post.

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The three phase changeover wiring connection and installation is too simple and easy connection as I shown in the below diagram. In the below diagram I shown the incoming 3 lines supply wires with read red, yellow and blue colors. The neutral I shown with black color but the neutral- is not used in the three phase manual transfer or changeover switch. The main supply is connected to the switch upper input supply terminals. And the generator supply connected to the bottom- input terminals or connection points of transfer switch as I shown in the below diagram. The output supply is goes to load from output connection points or terminals. I have shown load as three phase induction motor. One thing more if we move the switch handle upper side, the main supply will goes to the load. When we move the transfer switch handle to center-, the switch will on OFF mode. And when we required the generator emergency supply for load then we move the changeover handle to bottom- side.

3 phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram

(Note that this type of switch we use in our country, may be the type or shape will be different as I shown in the diagram but the reason- of publishing this post is that to tech you about the basic working principles- of a transfer or three phase manual changeover switch)

I hope after the above 3 phase manual changeover switch wiring diagram, now you will be complete understood. However you can ask you question according this diagram or post then you can use the below commenting system.


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  3. i really want to understand where the neutral wire (black) from the generator, main supply and load is being connected in the box

  4. It appears the terminal for neutral was deliberately skipped for the purpose of demonstration, every change over should have four terminals. I live in Mowe, ready to join you in field work. My number is 0803 912 1442. Thanks.

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  6. I want to ask a bit different from the diagram though; when you connect two generator sets to a 3-face changeover gear switch which will involve one generator up and the oda down. Can you still connect public supply to that changeover since the generators have taken both up and down........ Will it not be dangerous for generator to be on and light comes and it sharing the same terminals