Ceiling Fan Speed Control Switch Wiring Diagram

In this  post i am gonna to tech you about ceiling fan speed control wiring diagram, from which you easily learn fan speed regulating speeds. In this post i am gonna to share speed controller diagram with low, med and high speed diagrams. On thing more i also shown in the below that how can we control the speed of fan motor using 3 wire ceiling fan capacitor. One thing more we can also use dimmer switch for regulating speed of ceiling fan. However in my last most i shown 5 wire ceiling fan capacitor diagram, in which i also shown a speed controller diagram using speed control switch diagram.

Ceiling Fan Speed Control Wiring Diagram

First of all i want to clear you that we can control the fan motor speed using 3 method in which we can do the ceiling fan motor speed control using two methods, while in stand fan motor we can also regulate the speed by doing the connections in axillary winding / starting winding. For ceiling fan speed controlling we use mostly two methods in which on is by using speed control using three or five wire capacitor. And other one is using a dimmer switch from which we can control the RPM (revolutions per minute) of ceiling fan or other fan motor.
So First we talk about ceiling fan speed wiring diagrams, which i designed 4 diagram in which i shown Off , low , med and high speed direction of fan motor speed switch controller. Here is the fan speed low, high and med speed direction diagram,

ceiling fan speed control diagram

So As you know that by using 3 wire capacitor, we can control the speed of motor using speed regulator switch. So in the the above diagram i shown the switch in 4 types of diagrams. So for example our fan capacitor is 3 wire capacitor red, yellow and purple. So yellow for 1.5 uF and purple for 2.5 uF. So here is an complete diagram in which is shown the ceiling fan motor main winding and auxiliary winding / starting winding with speed controller switch, capacitor and AC supply. In the below ceiling fan speed control switch diagram i shown the fan speed switch knob on off direction.
ceiling fan speed control wiring diagram

In the above ceiling fan speed control wiring diagram i shown the main winding / running winding and i connect run wire of motor to the speed control switch and you can see it in above diagram that connection of run wire of motor in switch L point and and 1 and 2 for capacitor. I connect Purple color wire of capacitor to 2 terminal of speed Controller which 2.5 micro farad and 1.5 uF to 1 point of speed which yellow wire of capacitor. And red is common wire of capacitor and i connect this wire to start point of fan.

On thing fore the phase (line) wire to 3 point of switch and neutral to common wire fan motor. So in the above diagram the switch contacts on L to 2 it's means that  the 3 wire current is not connect to fan and fan is off.
So lets see the low speed wiring diagram of fan.

ceiling fan speed control switch wiring diagram
So in the above diagram the fan speed regulating switch contacts on L, 3 and 1 side and the line current is start to run wire of fan and 1.5 uF and the fan on low speed. lets see the fan on med speed.
ceiling fan speed controlling diagram
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So in above diagram the speed switch contacts on L , 3 and 2.5 uF and fan on running or start on 2.5 micro farad Cap and on med speed. Now lets see the High speed of fan diagram.

fan motor speed control wiring diagram

So in the high speed direction of speed controller switch the all contacts are connect with one another, and both 1.5 uF and 2.5 uF are connect to the motor, it's means that 1.5 + 2.5 is 4 uF capacitor is connected to the fan motor. So high capacitance number of capacitor is connected to fan motor and fan motor run fast on high number of capacitor which 4 micro farad. One thing more that don't connect too high value capacitor which is out of fan motor range. For example if a motor required 4 uf capacitor and you connect a 10 micro farad capacitor then the result will be bad and fan motor winding will be burn.

Fan controlling Speed Using Dimmer Switch

This is another method of controlling speed of ceiling fan, in which we use a dimmer switch from controlling or regulating speed. For better understanding about wiring connection of dimmer switch read the below posts.
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(Note that this an Basic guide of single phase AC (alternating current) fan speed regulating)
I hope now you understood the ceiling fan speed control wiring diagram or ceiling fan motor speed controlling switch diagram. Now if you have any question regarding this post then you can use comments section.

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  1. Hello and thanks so much for the information. I have a question and i would like you help me, Is possible to change the fan speed control by a leviton model RTF01 and how to be connected? regards

  2. Thank you so much for having this information available. the speed switch on my fan had broken and having to change it has been a challenge. I don't quite understand why the line wire is on the #3 terminal, but that's how the original switch was wired. so I followed this information only to discover I had a defective switch. hopefully I'll get it fixed!

  3. The fan connected without speed control switch fan have damage or any problm??

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