ceiling fan 3 wire capacitor wiring diagram guide with complete step by step examples.
As you know we use single phase types motor in ceiling fan and a ceiling fan required capacitor to run. In ceiling an we use capacitor, in which one type capacitor have 3 wire. In this post i am gonna to explain the ceiling fan 3 wire capacitor wiring diagram. This capacitor have 3 wires in which one is common for both and other two for different value capacitance. My means that there are two capacitor instill in this capacitor and both value is different from one another.

Ceiling Fan 3 Wire Capacitor Wiring Diagram

The 3 wire fan capacitor diagram mostly available on capacitor but most people did not understood. And he always try to buy a 2 wire fan capacitor. But the 3 wire capacitor is better than 2 wire because we can use if for two different requirements.
In this capacitor one wire is common and between common wire and 2nd wire the capacitor is different then between common and 3rd wire.
One thing more in some ceiling fans we use this type of capacitor for regulating speeds. I.e example that form example when the fan motor start on 1.5 uf the motor will be on low speed and when the capacitor on 2.5 then the motor will be on med speed and when ceiling fan motor run on both capacitor in same time (1.5 + 2.5 = 4 uf) then the motor on high speed.  And as i told in my above words that we can use it for a fan motor which only required the 1.5 micro farad capacitor.
However ceiling fan 3 wire capacitor we use in fan for mostly for speeds. In fan we use speed regulator switch form which we can regulate the speed using capacitor.
We have 3 wire is ceiling fan capacitor in which red is common and other two are for different capacitors values.

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First i am gonna to explain the 3 wire capacitor diagram and you can easily learn form below three wire capacitor diagram.
ceiling fan 3 wire capacitor wiring diagram

As i shown in the above ceiling an 3 wire capacitor diagram that red is common wire and yellow for 1.5 microfarad and Purple for 2.5 farad. However IN SHA ALLAH in further post i will explain the fan 5 wire capacitor, regulating speed switch diagram and replacement of fan capacitor in fan motor.
Now i hope you understood about the ceiling fan 3 wire capacitor wiring diagram. Now if you have any question or suggestion then post on comments box below.


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