Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to connect a solar panel to a battery?

Hi Every one today with a new solar panel diagram and in this post you will learn how to connect a solar panel to a battery. In this post you will learn about wiring connection of solar panel to battery or the instillation of solar panel to the battery.
In this post we will connect a 12 volts 8 Amperes solar panel to the 12 volt battery for charging but in this diagram i only connect the solar panel to battery with out the solar charging controller.

How To Connect A Solar Panel To A Battery

To connect solar panel to battery first of all connect the solar negative wire connection to the battery negative terminal and then same connect the positive wire to battery positive terminal as i shown in below diagram.
solar panel battery diagram

Note That the above solar panel battery wiring diagram is without solar charging controller. Note that by using the above method,'' if a person charge battery then use it after charging because if you charge the battery today and you don't use it night time and after next day if you charge again, this continues process is not good for your battery health.

So the batter option to use the charge controller or if you you use the above method then after charging use your battery.
The above diagram wiring is mostly use in many places that's why i write this post but the reason of my post to tell people to use the battery after charge because the over charging is dangerous for your DC battery health.

I hope you get some info from post (connect a solar panel to a battery) and IN SHA ALLAH soon i will post about solar charge controller.