Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Circuit Breaker use in electric wiring is very important and in every places we use circuit breaker for safety / for switching. Today this post about wiring of a circuit breaker. In this article you will completely learn that how can you wire a breaker with diagram and i hope after that you will be able to wire a C breaker.

Wiring Method Of Circuit Breaker

Requirements :

C-breaker : 1 Electric C breaker
AC Supply : 110 or 220 volt
Electric Cable

Tools required :

1 Plier 
Screwdriver set
Electric Tester (For Finding Phase and Neutral)

Method of wiring of circuit breaker :

First of all switch off the main supply breaker or cut you incoming supply, if your incoming supply don't have cut off breaker then, first connect the out going supply wire to breaker and then connect the incoming supply to the breaker, by using this method you can easily and safely connect your out going supply wire. However for better explanation i make a image + diagram in which i shown a circuit breaker with incoming supply and out going  supply. The below image / diagram will help you to learn clearly.

Today is very special because i am gonna to start this blog and my start is from electrical wiring and today this post is about wiring of a light with one way switch. Today you will learn that how can you wire one bulb by one way switch. This is so simple wiring connection and it's diagram is also too simple but for beginners it's very useful and for new electrical students it is a good start.
Now let's start that how can you wire a bulb with a switch.

Wiring Of A Light With A Switch 

Requirements :

Switches : 1 one way switch  / single way switch
Bulb Holder : 1 bulb holder / lamp holder
AC Supply 220 volt to 230 volt incoming supply
Electric cable : Required to the distance

Tools Required :

1 Plier
Screwdriver set
Electric tester