A forward reverse starter with timer for 3 phase motor diagram. In the forward reverse timer diagram all main and control wiring shown.
Forward reverse starter with timer 3 phase motor wiring diagram. In my last posts I share the wiring diagram of forward reverse three phase motor starter and also the 8 pin timer wiring diagram. This post is about the main and control wiring of forward reverse starter with timer. In the below diagram the main wiring for 3 phase motor is also shown and control wiring is also shown. In the diagram two magnetic contactor shown which coil operated on 220 volts. You must need the neutral wire. However if your magnetic contactor coil is operated on 380 volts then you do not need neutral wire. In the forward reverse starter with timer diagram. The thermal overload relay shown, a normally close push button and two normally open push button shown.

Forward Reverse Starter with Timer 3 Phase Motor Wiring Diagram

In the below forward reverse with timer starter diagram. The timer is used for automatic off (or automatic switch off the motor when the motor complete his running time.

forward reverse starter with timer 3 phase motor wiring diagram

All the wiring connection of forward reverse starter with timer shown. The timer is used only for one contactor. And timer will only switch off one contactor with its complete his time. The control wiring of starter is shown clear to understand. If you want need more help then also read the below post.

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I hope after reading all the related wiring diagram with forward reverse with timer starter diagram. Now you will be understood. However if you have any question according the post then you can ask in below commenting section.


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  1. Hello Sir ,

    What is the importance of overload relay in the system ?
    I am waiting to hear from you.Thank you in advance.

    1. In case motor Amps increase then overload safety is working and open the control circuit save motor winding and Short circuit etc..

  2. The Overload switch that you wire in to the motor it there to protect your motor from working to hard. This switch will measure the amount of electricity (amps) the Electrical motor is drawing. Call Your local Electrician Pretoria for advice on how much an electrical motor can draw. Most of the time the Electrician motor will have a name plate on it stating what the normal amps is.