Monday, September 19, 2016

5 Wire Ceiling Fan Capacitor Wiring Diagram

In this post i am writing about the 5 wire ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram, in my last post i written about the 3 wire capacitor diagram which we use for fan and can regulate speed by using speed controlling switch. Now in this you will learn about ceiling fan 5 wire capacitor and it's diagram.

5 Wire Ceiling Fan Capacitor Wiring Diagram

In ceiling fan we use the 5 wire capacitor for speeds, low Med and High speed. On this type of capacitor we have five wire in which two is common and 3 other for different value capacitance micro farad.
In the below diagram i shown a 5 wire fan motor capacitor with it;s capacitor diagram.

5 wire ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown an image of fan motor capacitor which CBB61 and it's a 5 wire capacitor, the two gray wire are common and red is 4.5 uF 250V and Brown is 6 uF 250 Volts and Purple is 5 micro farad and 250 V.

Ceiling Fan 5 wire Capacitor Working and instillation Diagram for Fan regulating Speed Low, Med, High

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Mostly we use this type of capacitor for speeds, as i told in my above words, so here is an diagram form which you can get idea of using this capacitor. in the below diagram i shown how can we regulate fan speed. Here i shown a diagram in which i shown a ceiling fan main winding / running winding and auxiliary / starting winding with capacitor with speed controller / selector switch and one way switch with low , med and high speed.
5 wire ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram with fan speed controller
In the above diagram i shown AC supply and i connect the neutral wire to motor winding (common winding point) and the phase (Hot wire) connect to the one way switch and form switch connect to the motor main winding and capacitor all wires of capacitance which is 4.5 uF, 4 uF and 6 micro farad. and you can see that speed selector switch on low direction and when it;s switch move on the 5 uF," the ceiling fan will be on med speed and on 6 micro farad the speed will be high. This is an basic diagram of 5 wire ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram and it's working.
Now if you have an question regarding this post ceiling fan wiring diagram 5 wire capacitor then you can tell me in below comments section.


  1. Isn't this a 4 wire capacitor ? Also most have a reversing switch. This is a nice straightforward drawing but not how my 5wire is constructed.

  2. I have the 5 wire capacitor. I have one greywire and the red wire done. My problem is my new switch has 3 wires: L-black. 1-red. 2 blue. Which wire goes to which wire on the capacitor? Brown purple and grey ?

  3. I am new here. My fan's 5-wire capacitor has
    5uF, (6uF || 350 kOhm,) and (7uF ||350 kOhm.) I cannot find exact capacitor.
    What replacement will work?
    Other questions:
    The fan model is MKA F588. Does it (or a ceiling fan in general) a fuse?
    In the socket coming out of the motor, are the connections in the socket standard (same for all fans?)

    - Steve

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