Monday, February 1, 2016

Connecting Solar Panels In Series Wiring Diagram & Calculation

Today I am writing about the solar panels and in this post i am writing about the connecting solar panels in series and it's wiring diagram. In this post i am writing about solar cells series connection or series circuit wiring, We also discuss the calculation of solar cell by wiring in series connection.

Connection Solar Panels In Series Diagram

The calculation of solar panels is just like Batteries series calculation, in solar panels wiring in series the V voltage will be plus or in cress and the Amps (Amperes) will be same. For example if you wire two 12 Volts 6 Amperes solar panel in series with one another then you complete out put will be 24 volts 6 Amperes just like wiring batteries in series.

In the below solar series wiring diagram i shown 4 solar panels which is 12 volts and 8 amperes, when we connect these panel in series with one another, the complete output of our panel come 48 Volts and 8 Amperes.
The connecting solar panels in series is very easy just like connecting battery cell with one anther, however lets get a review on this.

  • First of all connect solar panel positive connection with other solar panel negative.
  • Continue this process with all panels.
  • In last you will find out that you have negative wire free form you first solar panel and positive from you last panel.
  • That's all get supply form these two points or wire.
solar panels series wiring diagram

I hope you understood, however lets see the diagram which help you more for better understanding.
Follow Same method wiring solar panel in series as i shown in above solar panel diagram, now if you have any question or suggestion regarding this post then tell me by using the comments box.


  1. sir if i am not wrong then in series current remains the same . so the total voltages should be 48 but current remains only 8 amps.. kindly please check that . thanks and your posts are really helpful and interesting

    1. Thanks for correction , I mistake in diagram . I will update it soon. Thanks for information.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Hope you fine.Thanks for your knowledgeable and inspiring post.In case of off grid solar system what is the actual rate of charging and discharging of battery? Thanks in advance.