Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As you know that we use in every place AC motor for different types of work. There are main two types of AC motors which are single phase and 3 phase. The single phase motor are those motor which is working one phase and neutral (ground) supply for doing his duty and a 3 phase motor required 3 phase power source. However we use mostly in our homes and for small work the one phase motor, in this post you will learn about the single phase motor wiring with contactor / motor starter.

As you know that we use cont actors for 3 phase motor for controlling, and we also know the advantages of contectors, so what bad thing if we instill a contactor for single phase motor. Note that we did not use contactor for one phase motor mostly because this connection can be done by a single or double pole breaker.

But There are many benefits of contactor,
E.g example you can easily switch on motor by pressing a small push button switch, you can easily switch off by easily pushing off button or normal close button.

If the incoming voltage low some time, the magnetic contactor will not set and your motor will be safe from burning in low voltage case.

This is good for those countries where the load shedding problem are living, i use in my home a cont actor for my one phase water pump motor because i am living in Pakistan and Pakistan are numbering in those countries where the load shedding are living.

So my water pump motor is instill so far away from my living room. Now i am telling my story, one day i switch on by one phase water pump motor and after some time the power went. I forgot to switch off the motor breaker and i go to market.

In that time there is no one in my home and after some time after my let off home the electric power come back and motor started automatically due the switch on circuit breaker because i forgot to switch it off. So When i come back to home and i open my home main door by using the key. I find that my motor was burn due to continuously working or due to low voltage coming. I don't know what happened.

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After rewinding the electric motor, i think about the solution of this problem and safe from this accident again and i find out the motor cont actor is a best for this work.
Now i instill a magnetic contactor with My single phase motor wiring connection for switch off / on and there is no need switch off the motor after load shedding or power went.

Single Phase Motor Wiring With Contactor Diagram

I chose diagram to tech you online and i always try to write and design by post simple to understand. I also published 3 phase motor wiring diagram which wired with contactor. This wiring connection is also easy as 3 phase motor wiring.
You need to wire you normally close and normally open switch with cont actor as i wired in my last contactor diagram. But there is no change between my last diagram that i did not instill the overload relay but you can use reset able overload for protecting your motor. My below single phase motor wiring with contactor diagram is too simple that there is no need to explain it words.
single phase motor wiring diagram

The above diagram is a complete method of single phase motor wiring with circuit breaker and contactor. In the above one phase motor wiring i first connect a 2 pole circuit breaker and after that i connect the supply to motor starter and then i do cont actor coil wiring with Normally Close push button switch and Normally Open push button switch and in last i do connection between capacitor start motor and contactor.
I think know you will be able do the single phase motor wiring with contactor after this diagram.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

In my last post i written about the connection of solar cell to battery, in this post you learn about " how to connect solar panel to battery with MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar charge controller. The post provide you the complete instillation of solar panel charge controller and battery  connection.

How To connect Solar Panel To Battery With Charge Controller?

The connection of solar panel to battery and installation of charge controller is too easy wiring connection but a new person is always want a guide to do this instillation. This too easy connection and which can be done by any one.
The complete method wiring solar panel to mppt charge controller and battery connection is too simple steps.

  • First of all connect the negative and positive wires of solar cell to charge controller solar panel negative and positive input terminals.
  • Then do connection between battery and charge controller.
  • The 3rd steps is not use too much however if you want use some DC (direct current) devices from the solar charge controller then get connect form solar charge controller for your dc load.
Note that in below diagram i shown the negative with black color and positive with red color lines.

All steps is incomplete before a diagram and note that above all steps do regarding the below solar charge controller diagram.
how to connect solar panel to batter and solar charge controller
Same follow the above method of wiring or to connect a solar to battery as i shown in above solar panel wiring diagram.
I hope after this diagram you will completely understood and you will be able to do the connection with out any person help.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hi Every one today with a new solar panel diagram and in this post you will learn how to connect a solar panel to a battery. In this post you will learn about wiring connection of solar panel to battery or the instillation of solar panel to the battery.
In this post we will connect a 12 volts 8 Amperes solar panel to the 12 volt battery for charging but in this diagram i only connect the solar panel to battery with out the solar charging controller.

How To Connect A Solar Panel To A Battery

To connect solar panel to battery first of all connect the solar negative wire connection to the battery negative terminal and then same connect the positive wire to battery positive terminal as i shown in below diagram.
solar panel battery diagram

Note That the above solar panel battery wiring diagram is without solar charging controller. Note that by using the above method,'' if a person charge battery then use it after charging because if you charge the battery today and you don't use it night time and after next day if you charge again, this continues process is not good for your battery health.

So the batter option to use the charge controller or if you you use the above method then after charging use your battery.
The above diagram wiring is mostly use in many places that's why i write this post but the reason of my post to tell people to use the battery after charge because the over charging is dangerous for your DC battery health.

I hope you get some info from post (connect a solar panel to a battery) and IN SHA ALLAH soon i will post about solar charge controller.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nowadays the use of solar panels are getting very high number and people get a huge advantages form solar panels. In my last article i discus the series connection of panels, and this post you learn how to connect solar panels in parallel and parallel calculation.

How To Connect Solar Panels In Parallel ?

The wiring of solar panels in parallel connection is too easy and we use in many places for different requirements. The calculation of solar panels Voltage and Ampere is opposite from series connection, In series solar cell we plus the voltage and Ampere will be same but in connecting solar panels in parallel connection our voltage V will be same and the current Ampere will plus of all solar panels.

E.g example " if we connect 12 volts 8 amps 4 solar in parallel then our complete output voltage will 12 volts 32 amps (amperes).

Now  lets how to do wiring connection of solar in parallel with on another. For Doing the connection follow below steps.

  • First of all connect all solar panels negative connection with one point.
  • Same connect all panels Positive terminals with one point.
  • Now you have one negative - and one Positive + wire.
  • Get supply form these to wires.
I know that a diagram is very important for completely understanding, SO lets a look to the diagram.

connect solar panels in parallel diagram
Same follow the method of doing connection as i shown in above solar panels wiring diagram. I shown complete calculation of all 4 solar.
And INS SHA ALLAH after this diagram & post you will easily wire solar panels in parallel connection.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Today I am writing about the solar panels and in this post i am writing about the connecting solar panels in series and it's wiring diagram. In this post i am writing about solar cells series connection or series circuit wiring, We also discuss the calculation of solar cell by wiring in series connection.

Connection Solar Panels In Series Diagram

The calculation of solar panels is just like Batteries series calculation, in solar panels wiring in series the V voltage will be plus or in cress and the Amps (Amperes) will be same. For example if you wire two 12 Volts 6 Amperes solar panel in series with one another then you complete out put will be 24 volts 6 Amperes just like wiring batteries in series.

In the below solar series wiring diagram i shown 4 solar panels which is 12 volts and 8 amperes, when we connect these panel in series with one another, the complete output of our panel come 48 Volts and 8 Amperes.
The connecting solar panels in series is very easy just like connecting battery cell with one anther, however lets get a review on this.

  • First of all connect solar panel positive connection with other solar panel negative.
  • Continue this process with all panels.
  • In last you will find out that you have negative wire free form you first solar panel and positive from you last panel.
  • That's all get supply form these two points or wire.
solar panels series wiring diagram

I hope you understood, however lets see the diagram which help you more for better understanding.
Follow Same method wiring solar panel in series as i shown in above solar panel diagram, now if you have any question or suggestion regarding this post then tell me by using the comments box.