Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Wire an Electrical Outlet?

Wiring an electrical outlet is very simple circuit and it's can be done by anyone and this circuit it too simple and every body can learn in very small time. I also share an article about this but today i want to explain deeply.

What is an Electrical Outlet?

The place or the point of electric wiring from where a person can easily take supply for his substance e.g Plug sockets etc.
I will be share more article about electrical outlet differents types and it's wiring diagram.
The below is simple diagram, in which i shown a outlet with phase Line and neutral wires and shown that how to wire it?
how to wire an outlet
wiring of an outlet

Are you want to wire more then 1 outlet then connect the outlets in parallel as shown in below diagram.

wire multiple outlets
4 outlets wiring diagram

In above outlet wiring diagrams, in first diagram i shown outlet symbol with wiring and in second diagram i repeat shown 4 symbols of outlet and it's wiring connections. Now if you want to connect an electrical outlet on another side of room then you can easily get supply from this type of connections and then wire an outlet just like the above diagram.

You can also control an outlet form a switch as shown in below diagram.
wire switch and outlet
wiring diagram of switch and outlet

In above example diagram, i wired an outlet with a switch, now if you want to wire your outlets / sockets with switches then use this method. Note that always wire Line wire between switch and outlet.

Message :
Now i hope you fully understood electrical outlet wiring , now if you have any problem in these above wiring circuits / diagram then you can ask me by using the below comments section.


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