About Me

About Me

The man behind this website is called Sikandar Haidar, I am a Pakistani blogger and I love to write about electrical technology. I start learning from collage and books about electrical technology and works in many electrical workshops. I will guide you all about those topics which I learned and in which I am an expert.

Sikandar Haidar with His friend In Collage

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This website is about electrical technology and a person can learn electrical tutorials free of cost. All the learning tutorials are free and anyone can use this website free of cost.


  1. Nice work.please upload Motor Star and delta connection with timer electrical Diagram.

    1. thank you dear for commenting, and INSHALLAH soon we will make more helpful article about star delta.

  2. Hi Mr :Sikandar Haider
    I'm Mohamed khater from Egypt
    And i would like to be your friend there something's i would i saw some work you have done
    That's great really
    And i would like to ask you about
    If you can help me
    To send me a ( phase sequence relay & phase failure & under over voltage relay & phase monitor device) Diagrams and pdf
    If you could

    And i hope that if i could help you too
    My names is Mohamed khater
    From Egypt
    My job electrician

  3. Please give me your contact number. I have a problem in 3 phase induction motor. Your phone number is emergency. plz give it to me.

  4. Your work is appreciated.
    Very nice
    Very direct and
    Very open.
    I gained a lot going through your work.
    Thank you for everything.
    Jazakallah khairan

  5. very good pictorial representation and explanations..

  6. Plzzz give me ur Contact num
    Important for me

  7. Please i like learn control systems like Ats star Delta and electrical wiring