How to Connect Batteries in Series?

We use mostly use batteries in our life and we connect them to two connections, connecting batteries in series is a connection which we use mostly when we have two 12 volts batteries and we required the 24 volts DC supply.

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How To Wire 2 Batteries In Series?

For connecting 2 batteries in series, first of all, connect a wire between the B1 Negative terminal and B2 positive terminal. Note that use a strong and high gauge of electric cable. That’s all you have done, now you can get 24 volts of supply from the B1 positive terminal and B2 negative terminal as shown in the below diagram.
connecting batteries in series connection diagram

Batteries in Series Connection

In series batteries volts will be plus, e.g if you have two 12 V batteries and if you connect both series then your total volts will be 24 V, and Ah (ampere hour) will be the same.
So if you required 24 V DC then you can easily get it from two 12V batteries by connecting both in series.

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