Sunday, November 18, 2018

Air Room Water Cooler Wiring Diagram

This post is about the air room cooler wiring diagram. In the diagram i shown the complete Air water cooler wiring diagram. In the diagram you will see a fan motor two speed (low and high). A water pump motor connection and swing motor.

Air Room Cooler Wiring Diagram

In the below wiring diagram you will see the complete wiring. The main supply shown with red, black and green colors. The red color for Line wire, black color for Neutral wire and green for Earth wire.

In the air water cooler wiring diagram all motor connection shown with capacitor. The two way switches are use for color the all three motors. The fan motor have two speed, low and high which is controlled from first switch.
The second switch control the swing motor. The 3rd switch controlled the water pump motor.

room cooler wiring diagram

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