Friday, November 30, 2018

This post is about "how on delay timer works" or how star delta timer works with diagram explanation. In the post you will see a complete wiring diagram of star delta timer. In the diagram 2 light bulbs are wired with 8 pin timer.
In the on delay timer working diagram. 3 MCB circuit breakers are wired for controlling the supply. A 8 pin timer wired. On light bulb will ON when timer is not operated. When the supply provided to timer the light bulb will be off.
The second light bulb will be ON when the timer complete the time. The on delay timer wiring diagram shown below.

How on delay timer works | Star delta timer working Diagram

how on delay timer works

This post is about the 8 pin timer wiring diagram. Mostly we use the 8 pin timer in ATS System (automatic transfer switch), Star delta starter and many other places where we needed the timing in circuit. The below diagram is on delay timer wiring diagram. Note that to wire a 8 pin timer we use the 8 pin relay socket.

8 Pin Timer Wiring Diagram

8 pin timer wiring diagram

Sunday, November 18, 2018

This post is about the air room cooler wiring diagram. In the diagram i shown the complete Air water cooler wiring diagram. In the diagram you will see a fan motor two speed (low and high). A water pump motor connection and swing motor.

Air Room Cooler Wiring Diagram

In the below wiring diagram you will see the complete wiring. The main supply shown with red, black and green colors. The red color for Line wire, black color for Neutral wire and green for Earth wire.

In the air water cooler wiring diagram all motor connection shown with capacitor. The two way switches are use for color the all three motors. The fan motor have two speed, low and high which is controlled from first switch.
The second switch control the swing motor. The 3rd switch controlled the water pump motor.

room cooler wiring diagram

Monday, November 12, 2018

UPS wiring diagram, in this post you will learn the complete UPS wiring installation with simple diagram. In the diagram you will learn the Solar panel connection with Solar panel change controller PWM/MPPT-, UPS connection with Battery, and UPS wiring installation. This will be the complete guide because in the diagram you will learn the main wiring and ups wiring both. In simple this a complete guide for ups installation for a house.

UPS Wiring Diagram With Solar Panel, Charge Controller, Battery Connection, And Wiring Installation For House.

In the below ups wiring diagram. First we start from ups battery connection. In the diagram a 12 volt ups/inverter shown with battery connection. Also a two 12 volts 150 watts solar panel shown which is connected in parallel connection. The solar panel connection with solar charge controller shown in diagram. And the charge controller is connected to the 12 volt 150 AH- battery.

ups wiring diagram

The main incoming 220 VAC supply is connected to the double pole MCB circuit breaker. And after that the supply is connected to a board. In the board two one way switches wired for controlling the two pin outlets. The Main supply goes to ups for charging from one outlets.

The phase wire goes from the ups output supply outlet. This phase (line wire) is connect in board to 4 one way switches. In which one switch control a outlet. Two switches controlled the two light bulb and one switch wired with dimmer switch for controlling the ceiling fan. The neutral wire is common for main wiring and ups wiring.

Note that in the above ups wiring diagram the black color is used for neutral, red color for Phase or Line wire. All details are shown......

I hope now you will be able the ups wiring installation in your house after this ups wiring diagram with main wiring, solar panel wiring with charge controller. Now if you have any question then you can use the below comments section.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Extension Board wiring is topic of the day. In the today post you will learn about the portable extension board wiring with simple diagram. In the extension board wiring diagram the three 2 pin outlets are shown, one volt meter shown and one resettable thermal overload protector shown. The complete wiring diagram is shown below.

Extension Board Wiring Diagram

extension board wiring diagram

In the above extension board diagram, the neutral and line wire supply comes to the board. The neutral wire is connected to the volt meter and each outlet. The line wire is connected to the resettable thermal overload protector. From the output side of overload protector the line wire goes to volt meter and all three outlets.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

3 phase panel board wiring diagram post is about a three phase panel wiring which is main distribution board for 3 phase load. In the diagram you can see a main MCCB (molded case circuit breaker). Which are 3 pole 600 Ampere MCCB circuit breaker. And have 5 other 100 Ampere circuit breakers. In the 3 phase panel board wiring diagram you will see Ampere meter with current transformer connection, some light indicators and Volt meters.

3 Phase Panel Board Wiring Diagram

In below three phase distribution board wiring diagram shown. The wiring connection is start from the main 600 A MCCB circuit breaker. The main 3 phase four wire supply enters to the panel board. The 3 Phase Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 (red, yellow, blue) are connecting to the line points of mccb circuit breaker. The Neutral wire (black wire) was connected to the bus bar.

From the Main MCCB circuit breaker the 3 phase supply goes to the upper bus bars. And for each 100 Ampere MCCB supply was got from the bus bar. And supply will goes to each load from 100 A circuit breakers.

In the blue wire a current transformer install which provide the supply to the Ampere meter. And ammeter will shown the total load running ampere.
Note that the ampere meter and current transformer are 200/5A. If you install a current transformer with ampere meter for measuring running load. Then you must use the same ratio of CT and amp meter.

3 phase panel board wiring diagram

In the above diagram two volt meter are installed. This is 0 to 500 VAC panel board volt meters. The first volt meter will measure the voltage between L1 and L2. And 2nd volt meter will shown the voltage between L2 and L3.

The 3 light indicators are wired in the 3 phase panel board wiring diagram. These light indicators rated voltage is 220 volts. For that neutral wire is also required. So the neutral wire is connected to the all light indicators. And for each indicator there own line wire (phase wire).

In the panel board we have also an earthling point. The earth wire was connected to earth bus bar and panel board body also. You can see this in the above 3 phase panel board wiring diagram.

I hope you understand the today 3 phase panel wiring diagram. Now if you have any question according the three phase distribution board wiring diagram. Then you can ask in the below comments section. Thanks... for visiting and sharing this post....