Circuit Breaker Installation For Three Phase Supply - 3 Phase Panel Wiring

AS you know that we use Circuit breaker of protection and switch On/Off a circuit from main distribution board. I also publish posts about mccb breaker wring but in this post you will about circuit breaker installation for three phase. In this post i am gonna to share with you power panel board image in which three circuit breakers install with three phase power supply. This image is too clear and no need to design a diagram for this post. How ever i highlight the connection and step in image from which you can easily learn.

Circuit Breaker Installation For Three Phase - How to install breakers for 3 phase in power panel board

In my last post i also share an photo of this panel, and also talk about the 3 phase supply colors, This post is about MCCB breaker wiring connection and installation So lets talk about this. As you know that circuit breakers are available in many shapes and different types. Not only this but CB are available for different load (ampere).
We install circuit breakers in every place and distribution board / panel board  regarding load and regarding requirements.

If we want to control a single phase supply then we can do this work by using the single or double pole circuit breaker, and if we required to control the 3 phase then we can do this job by using 3 pole MCCB but if we we have three phase 4 wire system then we use a 4 pole breaker.
Calculation of load and required breaker is also a big point and we face it in every place, if you use 100 ampere circuit breaker for 150 ampere load, the breaker will trip or soon burned.
However calculations of load and required breaker we will talk an other time, now this post is about the circuit breaker installation.
So this post and below image i shown a power panel board, in which three circuit breaker are installed. These all mccb breaker are 3 pole and design for three phase power supply controlling. The image is not about only the wiring of these breakers, but from this you can get idea about the installing breaker.

circuit breaker instillation for 3 phase - circuit breaker mccb wiring diagram

In the installing of breaker in panel is too easy, first of all switch off the main CB and then install the breakers as i shown in above image, after that do wining connection with power supply copper strips or your incoming power supply. After that get connection from the breakers.

So What you learn From this Post

You get an new idea about the circuit breaker installation and you learn also about the C/B wining connection from this post. But the main reason of sharing this image with you is that do all CB connection in you real life clear just like this.
In the circuit breaker installation image you find out that all the breaker install in level and one line. All breaker have strong connection with power supply and have free space with one anther.
And if one of them burned then a person can easily replace is little and small time.

So i hope you learn some thing from circuit breaker installation image and post, Share this knowledge with your friends on social media and share you knowledge with me because i am also one of you and i want to learn about electrical technology and love to share my knowledge with all on this blog which i learned.

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