Wiring Solar Panels In Parallel & Solar Parallel Calculation

Nowadays the use of solar panels are getting very high number and people get a huge advantages form solar panels. In my last article i discus the series connection of panels, and this post you learn how to connect solar panels in parallel and parallel calculation.

How To Connect Solar Panels In Parallel ?

The wiring of solar panels in parallel connection is too easy and we use in many places for different requirements. The calculation of solar panels Voltage and Ampere is opposite from series connection, In series solar cell we plus the voltage and Ampere will be same but in connecting solar panels in parallel connection our voltage V will be same and the current Ampere will plus of all solar panels.

E.g example " if we connect 12 volts 8 amps 4 solar in parallel then our complete output voltage will 12 volts 32 amps (amperes).

Now  lets how to do wiring connection of solar in parallel with on another. For Doing the connection follow below steps.

  • First of all connect all solar panels negative connection with one point.
  • Same connect all panels Positive terminals with one point.
  • Now you have one negative - and one Positive + wire.
  • Get supply form these to wires.
I know that a diagram is very important for completely understanding, SO lets a look to the diagram.

connect solar panels in parallel diagram
Same follow the method of doing connection as i shown in above solar panels wiring diagram. I shown complete calculation of all 4 solar.
And INS SHA ALLAH after this diagram & post you will easily wire solar panels in parallel connection.

Sikandar Haidar

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  1. It is clear.thanks to you Teacher.
    But how about the battery arrangement ?

  2. I now understand parrell and series connection. I was thinking that I need a doide to join two solar pannels together. The question I now want to ask is; can I
    connect solar pannel some in series and some in parrel then use them together. If yes, how?

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