Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introduction To Electronics Beginners Guide

If a person said to you that life is boring with out electronics then he/she is 100% right, and it is truth and no one can ignore this truth. That's why i am writing this post about introduction to Electronics, it's only a short introduction but i hope after this post we will start interest in electronics.

What is Electronics?

Electronic the branch of science or the branch of technology which belong to electronic devices and equipment and it's uses and utilization.
The electronics devices means those devices in which the flow of electrons or conduction of electrons can be done by Gas, Vacuum, or Semi Conductors.
Rectification, Amplification, Generation, Controlling, Conversion of Electricity to light, Conversion of light into electricity and many more can be done by electronics devices.

electronics devices

USE OF Electronics Devices:

As is written in my above introduction to electronics words that electronics is very important role in our life, i shown you some examples which are below.

  • We use electronics devices in Heating and Welding systems
  • We use in Automatic control system.
  • We use Electronics devices in Analog and Digital system.
  • Electronics have big role in Medical Science (Medical imaging solutions, X ray machine, S T scan machine, Electron microscope).
  • Wireless Communication can not be done with Electronics like Radio, Broadcasting, TV broadcasting.
  • We use at Audio systems (Record Players, Tape- Recorder)
  • Electronics device use in Defence Systems.
  • We use E devices for instrumentation for better measuring.
  • We use if for Satellite communication.
  • We use it for Line communication.
In Short the art electronics is very important in every Field of life. The above article is only a introduction to electronics beginner guide, form which you learn about electronics and it's uses in our daily life. However further we will write more meaning full notes about electronics.


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