Simple definition of conductors and insulators and it's types.
As you know that in your daily life you use two types of things, in which electricity or current flow is possible or in which current can flow easily and some are those material in which the current flow is impossible. These things we called conductors and insulators. For types of insulators and conductors we will deuces in last but the first is that what are conductors and what are insulators. I think the first thing is to know about that what the meaning conductor and insulator.

What are Conductors and Insulators?


Those materials in which the flow electron flow is done easily, or we can said that conductors are those materials / things that permit a generous flow of electrons with very little external force (voltage) applied (book definition). In simple words conductor are those materials in which the current flow possible or in which a electric current can flow easily.


Insulator are those materials in which have very low number of free electron or in which the current flow is impossible or in which current can not flow is called insulator. In other words insulators are those things that have very few free electrons and require  large amount of applied voltage to establish a measurable current level (book definition) or the level of current from which a person can get electric current.

insulators and conductors

Types of Insulators and Conductors

As i written in my about words that conductor are those materials in which current flow is done by applying a small voltage or power. However for better understanding i want to tell you same names of conductor.
Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Iron are good electrical conductors.

As i talk about that insulators are materials in which current or flow of electron impossible or in which the current can not flow easily, there are some types of insulators.
Glass, paper, Dried-Up wood, plastic, rubber are good insulators.
​In Short we use mostly conductors and insulators for different use and there are many uses in of conductors and insulators and which can not ignore.


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