Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nowadays protection is very important in electrical works, and for different Electrical appliances we use different methods and different devices for protection, today i am writing about overload protector and it's wiring. In this post i am taking about automatic reset thermal overload protector which we use for single phase load. This overload we use to make safe our electrical devices from over current flowing.

Some Thing about Thermal overload protector relay

Today in which type of overload i talking, is a type of overload switch which is cut off the electric supply in case of over current flowing. This device is also called reset thermal overload switch. Mostly we use this device for single phase power supply, and i also published a post about refrigerator overload and it's working principles and this overload also working same like refrigerator O/L protector.

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How to Wire Reset overload Protector Switch

The over current overload protector wiring is very simple, and many places for single phase / one phase supply we use it in series connection between supply and the load. In the below diagram i shown a overload thermal protector which i wired in series connection. I shown the incoming AC supply and out put supply. I connect the L (phase) wire to protector and then i get the supply form O/L protector to the load as i shown below.
overload protector wiring

In the above diagram i shown 20 A (ampere) overload and when ever it's trip you can also reset by pushing reset switch.  When ever some over current flow from it's range it's will cut off the Electric supply and make his contacts open. Note that always use these overload regarding your load. If your overloading current 10 A and you use 20 A then it's will not trip until it's reached to the 20 Ampere.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

As you know that in your daily life you use two types of things, in which electricity or current flow is possible or in which current can flow easily and some are those material in which the current flow is impossible. These things we called conductors and insulators. For types of insulators and conductors we will deuces in last but the first is that what are conductors and what are insulators. I think the first thing is to know about that what the meaning conductor and insulator.

What are Conductors and Insulators?


Those materials in which the flow electron flow is done easily, or we can said that conductors are those materials / things that permit a generous flow of electrons with very little external force (voltage) applied (book definition). In simple words conductor are those materials in which the current flow possible or in which a electric current can flow easily.


Insulator are those materials in which have very low number of free electron or in which the current flow is impossible or in which current can not flow is called insulator. In other words insulators are those things that have very few free electrons and require  large amount of applied voltage to establish a measurable current level (book definition) or the level of current from which a person can get electric current.

insulators and conductors

Types of Insulators and Conductors

As i written in my about words that conductor are those materials in which current flow is done by applying a small voltage or power. However for better understanding i want to tell you same names of conductor.
Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Iron are good electrical conductors.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

In my last post, i talk about the role of electronic technology in our daily life and it's importance's, and this is our second post about electronics. In this post i am writing about Electron Emission and it's types with big try to explain it with you in sample words.
In this post we will disuse the following topics:
  • What is Electronic Emission?
  • Thermionic Or Primary Emission
  • Secondary Emission
  • Photo Electric Emission
  • Field Emission

What is Electron Emission?

In Simple words, " The phenomenon of escaping or emitting electrons from the metal surface into surrounding by applying a specific energy is called the Electron emission.
In other words applying a specific method or force on specific metal for emitting electrons or getting electrons is called Electron emission.
We know that every metal is made from those atoms which are conjunct doggedly with one anther in the shape of Crystal.
We also know that electron which separate from atom outer shell electron is called atom free electrons, note that due to these free electrons flow the current flow is possible in wires, transistors and valves.
An every conductor free electrons are moving or surrounding- in atom outer shell electron, These free electrons are not emitting himself from metal surface because the metal surface force stop escaping electrons on normal temperature.
It's mean that with out applying force the free electron not escaping from metal.
When we provide some extra energy, the electron absorb the energy and due to this observation it's kinetic energy become in cress and free electron able to emit from metal surface. This emitting is called electronic emission.
this image is take from an online pdf book

Types Of Electron Emission

For Escaping electron from any conductor or metal we use 4 different methods which are below.

Thermionic - Primary Emission

The method of Electron emission we use more then other methods of emission. In this method we provide the heat to metal for emitting free electron from metal surface, due to temperature, the free electron kinetic energy and thermal energy in cress and electron start escaping from the metal surface. If you provide more temperature, the electron will emitting more, it's means that temperature increasing and decreasing have a big link with electrons.
This method of emission is just like liquid evaporation method.
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Secondary Emission :

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

If a person said to you that life is boring with out electronics then he/she is 100% right, and it is truth and no one can ignore this truth. That's why i am writing this post about introduction to Electronics, it's only a short introduction but i hope after this post we will start interest in electronics.

What is Electronics?

Electronic the branch of science or the branch of technology which belong to electronic devices and equipment and it's uses and utilization.
The electronics devices means those devices in which the flow of electrons or conduction of electrons can be done by Gas, Vacuum, or Semi Conductors.
Rectification, Amplification, Generation, Controlling, Conversion of Electricity to light, Conversion of light into electricity and many more can be done by electronics devices.

electronics devices

USE OF Electronics Devices:

As is written in my above introduction to electronics words that electronics is very important role in our life, i shown you some examples which are below.

For emergency AC power supply we use inverter / UPS, which work very good for low load. In some countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan electricity load shedding is a big problem and it's salutation is only two which are AC syncornas generator and Inverter / UPS(uninterruptible power supply) but ups is good choice for low load. In this post i will tech you about inverter/ups wiring or installation emergency power supply in two rooms from inverter.

How to Install UPS / Inverter wiring in 2 rooms?

I also published a post about inverter installation in one room or office but in my last post i wired outlets with light bulb and ceiling fan with 12 volts inverter, But is this post i will show you that how to wire 2 rooms from 24 volts or two batteries inverter.
This is complete guide about inverter and batteries installation in your home but it is not a pool stop (.) and INSHA ALLAH soon i will design more diagrams about this topic.

inverter wiring diagram

I hope you understood all things which i shown in above diagram, however for your better understanding, i am lighting about this diagram shortly.
In above inverter-ups wiring diagram i shown 24 volts inverter - ups with 2 batteries with incoming power supply and out going power supply from inverter.

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In the diagram i shown 2 rooms in which i shown 2 energy saver bulbs and one ceiling fan in each room. As I told you in my last post that in ups - inverter wiring the neutral will common for both supplies. A line wire will be take from inverter, however you can get neutral wire from the ups output outlet.
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Do Follow the same method of wiring as i shown in above diagram, and i hope you understood it completlty after ups wiring diagram for 2 rooms/office. However you can ask me question regarding this post in below comments section.