Sunday, November 22, 2015

UPS & Inverter Wiring Diagram For One Room / Office

Nowadays in many countries load shedding is one of the beg issue and many people use inverter / UPS for emergency electric power supply. And nowadays when we start an electrical project wiring, we also do the inverter wiring or ups wiring connection. Because this is the necessary of time. For this i start new tutorials diagram series which is about inverter-ups instillation diagrams.
In this post i will show you that how can you wired or instill a emergency power inverter / ups for a single room or for office.
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UPS & Inverter Wiring Diagram For One Room / Office

In the below diagram i shown inverter wiring which is controlled by double pole mcb circuit breaker, For room inverter wiring we use only line (Phase) wire from inverter and we use neutral from direct supply which is provided by electric supply company. Are we can said that in ups (uninterruptible power supply) wiring neutral wire is common. However we always consider N neutral wire as commons for each path of circuit.
So come to ups- inverter wiring diagram, i controlled ups - inverter form 2 pole circuit breaker and i also get neutral wire from circuit breaker for room electrical deaves / equipments. I get Phase / Line wire supply form inverter / ups for room as i shown in below diagram.

inverter wiring

I know that the above ups diagram is too simple and any body can understood it easily, however let's explain step by stem. Wiring an inverter is too simple, in above diagram i wired and controlled ups/inverter by double pole circuit breaker or i can said that i instill circuit breaker between electric supply and inverter - UPS (). After that i take neutral wire for room/office wiring from MCB breaker and i connect it to all electric devices / appliances with one-one point or terminal e.g example outlets / sockets, ceiling fan, energy sever light bulbs or bulb sockets. After that step i take phase wire supply form ups inverter as i shown in above diagram and then i connect the phase wire to switches as shown above.

I wired also a dimmer switch with ceiling fan wiring which also too simple, So it's simple in ups-wiring neutral is common and you can take it form incoming electric supply or you can also take it form inverter. But above diagram method use wiring if your appliances or not energizing or not working then take phase wire supply from other side of inverter outlet / socket (or change direction of output shoe) or change your input voltage wire in circuit breaker.
I hope now you will totally understood however there are some more tips full post which help you very much and which are related with this article.

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I hope you learn some thing new from this post and now you completely understood about ups inverter wiring and now if you have any question regarding this post then you can also ask me in below comments section.....


  1. it will change over to inverter backup supply directly or we will have to change it manually through circuit breaker... and please guide how to get an estimate for circuit breaker used ...

    1. Dear when supply start to circuit the inverter start charging battery and start you supply form your main supply. In these circuit the neutral is common of main supply neutral and inverter neutral.
      in the inverter a relay is instill and it's operate on main supply when the supply come to inverter the relay change phase and connect the line or hot wire current form the main supply. we do not need to change in manually.

      To estimate a circuit breaker, so the simple and easy estimate is if your complete load is 5 amps then use the 10 amps circuit breaker.
      I hope you understand. stay tune...........

  2. how to connect a inverter with main distribution board for whole office/home

    1. Dear Soon i will publish about this ..
      stay tune with us

    2. graig..

      sir, can solar panels connect to the ups and also help in charging the battery. or main supply can be switch off while letting the solar panels do the charging?

  3. how to connect a inverter with main distribution board for whole office/home

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