Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Connect Two Batteries To Inverter & 24 Volts UPS 2 Batteries

In my last tutorial post, i published a diagram about how to connect one batter to inverter / UPS and this post is also about inverter batteries diagram but in last post i shared about one battery which we use for 12 volts inverter/UPS. But in today you will learn about connection of 2 batteries to 24 Volts ups / inverter.
12 volts inverter we used for a small load or we can said we use it for a room or 2 room/ office and we can use 24 V inverter/ups for a little big load, if we can use 12V for 1 room then we can use 24V inverter for double load. However we use any type of inverter for it’s range load, my means if a 12V 1500 Watts inverter can handle 50 % load of your home/office appliances then 24V 3000 Watts inverter will handle full load of your home.
If a single battery inverter can provide emergency electric power for 5 hours then your double batteries inverte-ups will provide you double time.
Note that this just an example, we can not use high loaded equipments on inverter just like electric heater, watter heater, Air conditioner on a small little inverter. However as i said your inverter can handle load regarding it’s range.
So as i shared a diagram about one 12V battery connected to the 12 volts inverter-UPS, we connect 2 batteries to a 24 volts inverter, 24V ups 24 volts battery but we can make 24 volts by connecting 2 12volts batteries in series .
If you did not know about how to connect batteries in series circuit then the below links will help you understanding.
How to wire Batteries In Series with One another?

How To connect 2 Batteries to 24 Volts Inverter / UPS

For this type of connection, first work is to connect 2 batteries in series and after that we will connect it to 24V inverter. For controlling inverter i wired a double pole mccb circuit breaker between supply and UPS-inverter as i shown in below diagram.

ups inverter battery connection diagram

As i shown in above example diagram, use same method for connection batteries to ups (uninterruptible power supply), IN SHA ALLAH soon i will make more diagrams and tutorials on inverter wiring or ups wiring. Now if you have any question regarding this post then you can ask me by using comments box.


  1. Nice Tutorials. Do i need to connect a Stabilizer to my inverter? That is, between my main power supply and inverter.

    1. Dear if the incoming voltage is low then you can use a stabilizer between power supply and inverter. This will be good for your inverter and due to this your inverter will easily charge your battery.

    2. Pls can I use the same output from my inverter as an input charger.

  2. thank you.i want to connect my sukam falcon plus inverter with exide 42ah smf battery but i want this connection
    CONECTION-connecting my inverter to main using 5A socket of my room(ONLY FOR BATTERY CHARGING AFTER FULL CHARGED I'LL DISCONNECT IT FROM MAIN)
    Is this connection is right??ANY problem happens this connection???

    1. Dear if you connect your inverter to supply, for charge and you want to use the load form the inverter then you can use your load. but if you want to switch off your supply form the main DP board and then provide the inverter supply to same socket from which you are charging the battery (using inverter) then it's work if you control this socket using double pole breaker. One thing more if a high low is connect to room supply and your socket is also connect with room supply then the inverter output supply will start flowing through the socket to high load and it's will not working or working for a short time.

      The better option to wire or instill the inverter using the below diagram. read the following post for better understanding.

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