Saturday, November 28, 2015

In power wiring or 3 phase 4 wire system, we used the 3 phase power of all electric induction motors, equipments etc, but we did not ignore the neutral wire or ground wire. In many place we required neutral wire to complete circuit. But This is also important to know about our lines or 3 phases that these 3 phase wire properly working or are every phase incoming supply is coming properly and not cut or broken in main power supply wire. So this very important to test or know about our 3 phase supply coming properly, for that we use led indicator and this post is also about indicator wiring diagram.
Yes this connection is very important and we do it any every main 3 phase panel board. In this post i will share with 2 diagrams about led light indicator wiring, '' in which one is image+diagram and second is symbol diagram.

How To Wire Led Light Indicator For 3 Phase 4 Wire System 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nowadays in many countries load shedding is one of the beg issue and many people use inverter / UPS for emergency electric power supply. And nowadays when we start an electrical project wiring, we also do the inverter wiring or ups wiring connection. Because this is the necessary of time. For this i start new tutorials diagram series which is about inverter-ups instillation diagrams.
In this post i will show you that how can you wired or instill a emergency power inverter / ups for a single room or for office.
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UPS & Inverter Wiring Diagram For One Room / Office

In the below diagram i shown inverter wiring which is controlled by double pole mcb circuit breaker, For room inverter wiring we use only line (Phase) wire from inverter and we use neutral from direct supply which is provided by electric supply company. Are we can said that in ups (uninterruptible power supply) wiring neutral wire is common. However we always consider N neutral wire as commons for each path of circuit.
So come to ups- inverter wiring diagram, i controlled ups - inverter form 2 pole circuit breaker and i also get neutral wire from circuit breaker for room electrical deaves / equipments. I get Phase / Line wire supply form inverter / ups for room as i shown in below diagram.

inverter wiring

I know that the above ups diagram is too simple and any body can understood it easily, however let's explain step by stem. Wiring an inverter is too simple, in above diagram i wired and controlled ups/inverter by double pole circuit breaker or i can said that i instill circuit breaker between electric supply and inverter - UPS (). After that i take neutral wire for room/office wiring from MCB breaker and i connect it to all electric devices / appliances with one-one point or terminal e.g example outlets / sockets, ceiling fan, energy sever light bulbs or bulb sockets. After that step i take phase wire supply form ups inverter as i shown in above diagram and then i connect the phase wire to switches as shown above.

Friday, November 20, 2015

In my last tutorial post, i published a diagram about how to connect one batter to inverter / UPS and this post is also about inverter batteries diagram but in last post i shared about one battery which we use for 12 volts inverter/UPS. But in today you will learn about connection of 2 batteries to 24 Volts ups / inverter.
12 volts inverter we used for a small load or we can said we use it for a room or 2 room/ office and we can use 24 V inverter/ups for a little big load, if we can use 12V for 1 room then we can use 24V inverter for double load. However we use any type of inverter for it’s range load, my means if a 12V 1500 Watts inverter can handle 50 % load of your home/office appliances then 24V 3000 Watts inverter will handle full load of your home.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nowadays in some countries load shedding is a big problem like Pakistan and India. And these countries peoples use UPS / Inverter for emergency electric supply to use his electrical equipments. For ups inverter we connect the a DC battery which provide us backup. Inverter ups battery connection diagram and it's connection method is two simple and easy, however my work to guide you about every things from start so today you will learn in this post that how to connect inverter to the AC supply and how to connect inverter to battery. In this post i shown a 12 volts ups/inverter to 12 volts battery.

How to connect inverter to batter and AC supply?

The wiring of ups(uninterruptible power supply)/ inverer is too simple but IN SH ALLAH we will make diagrams and posts about our next coming articles. In this diagram i shown a inverter/ups which connect with AC supply with double pole circuit breaker(you can also connect this to outlet/socket) and DC leads connected with a 12V DC battery.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

In my last published post, i shared a diagram about double pole rcd wiring, and now in this post we also publish a diagram about rcd breaker but this diagram is about 4 pole rcd which we can use in 3 phase 4 wire system for protection.
I will share more nice and important tutorials about complete instillation of rcd in homes, but in this post i want to tech you about only 4 pole rcd circuit breaker wiring. This is a basic diagram and IN SH ALLAH soon we will make more example and helpful diagrams, from which you will learn easily.

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How to Wire A 4 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker

In rcd 4 pole breaker we have 8 terminals where 4 terminals for input supply and 4 for output supply just like a 4 pole mccb circuit breaker and not only it's like 4 pole circuit breaker, it's wiring method is also same.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Every one know that Electricity is dangerous, and mostly in our homes we wearied about our children because kids./children always to do some thing new and when children saw a electrical devices, he want to get and play with this, e,g example that our children don't know about outlet./socket and when he/she saw this, there are 50% chances that he/she will enter his finger in outlet.
So what is solution of this problem in electrical wiring, don't worry the world become advance and you can safe himself and your children from Electric shock using RCD circuit breaker in your main distribution board. In this post you will learn about rcd wiring which is a protective devices. The working rcd breaker is that when a person mistakenly touch with phase wire, it's trip and switch off all supply.
 RCD means Residual Current Device

How To Do RCD Wiring OR Fixed 2 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker Wiring 

Before we learn about wiring diagram, i want to light about some related things with this article.

What is RCD ?

RCD means residual current device which make safe you form electric shock, if you are working live in electricity and by mistakenly you touch the phase/line wire which is dangerous. In case of this situation the rcd show his work and stop the electric supply. RCD broke the electric circuit if there is an earth current flow.

Types of RCD

Three are main three types of rcd which protect you from a strong electric shock, which are below

Fixed RCD

This type of rcd is wired and instilled in consumer unit wiring (fuse box or distribution main board) and it's provide protection to all unit electrical wiring, e.g example all sockets/outlets, all light bulbs and all fans etc.

Outlet/Socket RCD

This is special type of rcd or we can said it a advance protective electrical outlet. But this rcd outlet provide protection to those people who use electric power form these sockets or who plug in his equipments shoe or led to this socket/outlet RCD.

Portable RCD

This is a special and advance type of portable sockets, in this portable socket a rcd breaker is faxed, and you know that is the real place of rcd which is portable socket. To make safe your children, family and you form electric sock from portable sockets," then use this portable rcd fax socket or outlets."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In industrial system we use mostly three phase electric power for electric induction motors. A single phase induction motor can not do work as a 3 phase can done. For 3 phase motor we use some electrical devices for starting, off and resetting, magnetic contactor is one of them that's why today we disuse about contactor wiring with complete explanation. In 3 power system we use some devices between induction motor and supply which are a CB Circuit breaker, MC magnetic cont actor or motor stater, O/L overload relay and NC, NO push button switches for on/off and reset.

How To Do Contactor Wiring For 3 Phase Induction Motor With 3 Pole Circuit Breaker, Overload Relay, NO,NC Push Button Switches

In this tutorial post i will tell you about motor contactor wiring and it's diagram. But before we will disuse devises and working.

3 Pole Circuit Breaker CB

For 3P power supply we use to 3 pole circuit breaker for switching supply. Always use a CB before circuit wiring, from this you can make your circuit safe and we you will be able to switch off/on any time. You can also use 4 pole breaker, which is very best because you can control also the neutral wire.

MC Magnetic contactor

For 3 phase induction motor start/stop we use always MC contact or. It's is a type of electric relay which can switch the 3 electric connections easily. I also published post about motor starter working you can see on below links.
Click here for more information.

O/L Overload Relay

Overload relay is protective device which make safe our electric motor from burning during high current flowing to the induction motor. There are two popular types O/L relay which is thermal overload relay and Electronic overload relay. In this wiring diagram contactor, i shown thermal overload relay however soon i will make a diagram about electronic relay.

NC Normal Close Push Button Switch

For motor contactor wiring we use push button switches for switching on/off the motor. NC means normal close which means that this push button is normally in close circuit and when we push, it's make an open electric circuit. I show NC with red color button and NO with Green color.
For details Click here.

NO Normal Open Push button Switch

The Normal open S is normally in open electric circuit and if a person push this NO it's make NC circuit. For further information visit below link.
For more info click here.

MC Motor Starter Wiring Diagram With CB,MC,O/L, NO, NC

Friday, November 6, 2015

Every time when we wired our home, or we using electric power, or we share our electricity. Every time we want to find out full load Ampere (A) . That's way i am sharing digital ammeter wiring diagram with CT current transformer- wiring connection.

Ampere mean the the load or the consumption of current of a circuit. Mostly people did not wire this meter in home but i think, these people did not know about the advantage of ampere meter. So i talk about the load or consumption current. But the main question comes to newbie person is that what is ampere.
We know that the flow of electrons in a conductor is called current, it's unit Ampere and it is denoted by I.
Or We can said that if one coulombs of electron flow from a point to another point in one second time is called one Ampere (A).
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Washing machine numbering is those electrical appliances which we use very much in our homes. Today we disuse washing machine not spinning problems and how to fix and repair these problems. In this post we will lighting about these problems and it's faxing methods.

washing machine not spinning

There are many problems of washing machine not spinning which we can face in our new or old washing machine, As we told you in above sentences that in this post we are lighting some tips about washer not spinning. In Below i highlight some reasons but IN SHA ALLAH we will make more helpful tutorials further on this site.

8 Big Problems of Washer / Washing Machine Not Spinning

Low Or Wrong Voltage Problem

The electric motor works on electric energy and it's want some required pressure of voltage to work properly, if providing voltage is low then it's will not working. For this, test your voltage and if voltage is low then use a voltage regulator to fix the voltage or take supply form other places. This is one of the big problem of washing machine not spinning
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Test Washing Machine Wire And Socket