Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Wire Voltmeters For 3 Phase Voltage Measuring

In our last class you learned the method of wiring 3 phase voltage meter but that was only for just measuring the voltage between 2 phase or 2 line voltage. In this article you will learn complete method of 3 phase voltage measuring and it's voltmeters wring. In this post i will show you that how to wire 2 voltmeters for three phase voltage measuring.

How to Wire Voltmeters for Three Phase

In this wiring diagram we use the two 3 phase volt meters which is wired between one another, my means that we wire one volt meter as we wired in our last post but we get a Line wire for 2nd voltage meter and then we connect the 3rd line or phase wire to the 2nd voltage meter to complete the electric circuit.
I know with out a diagram, it's too difficult to make understand a body that's why i designed a diagram about this.

voltmeter wiring diagram

As i shown in the above diagram, i wired 2 volt meters for three phase power supply. I shown three phase supply Line wires with red, yellow, blue collars and black as neutral. As i shown, " connect the L1 to the first voltage meter and then connect the L2 to the first and 2nd voltage meter as i shown in above  diagram. In last connect the L3 to the 2nd terminal of second volt meter as i shown.


Note that this voltmeters 3 phase wiring diagram for analog voltmeters and INSHALLAH soon i will make a post about the digital voltmeter wiring diagrams for three phase.
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  1. i can connect phase failure with out relay to the poultry farm heater

  2. i can connect phase failure with out relay to the poultry farm heater