Thursday, October 8, 2015

How To Wire Voltmeter In 3 Phase Wiring

To i am gonna to start about the 3 phase wiring and it's 3 phase diagrams, in this post you will learn that how to wire a voltmeter for 3 phase wiring. In this post i am sharing with you a diagram in which i shown the complete method of 3 phase 440 V and it's wiring with voltmeter. For 3 phase we use the 0 to 500 volts range voltmeter.

Some thing about Voltage and Voltmeter

We know that the force which required to make the flow of electrons in conductor is called voltage, and the measurement device which is used for measuring the voltage is called voltage meter or voltmeter. Note that Voltage unit is volt and it is denoted by V.
And if voltage meter have V symbol then it's mean that it is a voltage meter.

How to wire Volt meter for 3 phase 440 volts

In three phase supply we have 3 phase or three Line voltage and one neutral. The phase denoted by L in ever place and i also named wire with names of L1, L2, L3. Note that for 3 phase supply we use wires colors Red, Yellow, Blue and for neutral always Black.
Now let's see how to wire 3 phase voltage meter.
voltmeter 3 phase wiring
In the above diagram i shown 3 phase 4 wire system supply but i only connect L1 and L2 (read and yellow) to the volt meter or voltage meter. for three phase voltage meter you can only connect 2 line wire and if you connect the neutral and phase to the voltmeter then volt meter show the 220 voltage which is single phase voltage.
Note that between to phase the voltage will be 440 +/- 5%, and between neutral and phase the voltage will be 220 +/- 5%.
Note that this will be only for those places where the voltage between phase / neutral is 220.


I hope this is a good start in 3 phase wiring topic, and now you will got complete knowledge about 3 phase volt meter wiring. However i will soon write more post about the 3 phase. Now if you want to gave us some suggestions or any question regarding this post then use the below comment section.


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