Monday, August 10, 2015

What is Ammeter and It's Uses in Electric Circuit

Ammeter is will know with the name of ampere meter which is an electronic measuring instrument which is used to test or measure the ampere in a circuit. This article is about the ammeter and it''s types and function, how ever in our incoming post we will explain the the wiring of am meter further.

What is an Ammeter?

As i written in my above words that it is an electronic device which we use for testing the current in electric circuit. This device help us to know about the current (ampere) getting a circuit. Or we can said that we can test the consumption of electricity of a electric circuit using the ammeter.
Note that when in one second one coulombs of electron flow form a point is called the one ampere (A).

Types of Ammeter

There are two types of am meter or ampere meter which we known with the names of Analog and Digital An analog am meter have pointer which moves over a scale while Digital meter show us a numerals reading on display.

types of ammeter
Ampere meter types

What is the Function of Ammeter?

We use the am meter by testing or measure the ampere in a circuit, by using the ammeter we can test ampere or consumption of electric power in a circuit however for micro ampere we use micro ampere meter. The consumption of a circuit means that how much current a circuit getting.