Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Test AC voltage By Digital Multimeter

Testing voltage is very important and in this article you will learn that how to test voltage Or how to test ac voltage of your incoming electrical supply. Testing voltage is important because if your incoming voltage is low or high then it's make your electric appliances burn.

How to test voltage using digital multimeter

In this post for testing voltage we use digital multimeter as voltage tester. For alternative current potential difference measurement we can use digital multi meter by following method.
Mostly in our digital multimeter we have option for testing ac voltage which are like 200V and 500V. For 110 volts testing we use 200 volts option and for 200 to 500 volts testing we use the 500 volts option.

For testing AC voltage first of all select the AC voltage testing option by using selector switch as shown in below image.

testing voltage

After plug in the multimeter probes in an electrical outlet / socket or connect the probes to the Electric supply as shown in below image.

voltage testing
voltage testing by multi meter

In above image, the multimeter shown the voltage 212 volts, it's means that the incoming supply voltage is 212 volts. Now if you have any question regarding testing voltage then you can ask me in below comment section.


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