Friday, July 31, 2015

In our last posts i share a post about how to wire a single phase motor. Single phase motor wiring connection learning is very important for electrical technology student and for every one. As i said that i already share a post about the one phase motor wiring but in my last diagram i wired the motor  with  one pole circuit breaker  but in this post we will learn that how to wire single phase motors with two pole circuit breaker. This wiring diagram and wiring connection is better then form first one because we control both wire or supply connection (neutral and phase) and we can switch both wire any time by using the 2 pole or 2 point circuit breaker.

As we know that single phase motor is a capacitor start motor which can not be start with out a capacitor and its required a capacitor to start. You can also learn the function of capacitor by reading below post.

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Function of Capacitor in Fan or Single phase motor

Wiring Diagram of Single phase motor with 2 pole circuit breaker

To wire the capacitor start motor with two pole circuit breaker connect the AC incoming supply wires to the input terminals of circuit breaker and then connect the induction motor wiring connection or motor supply wires to output terminals or point of breaker as shown in below single phase motor wiring diagram.

single phase motor wiring diagram

Advantages of This single phase induction motor  wiring connection

This is very safe and protected connection and we can disconnect or switch off the complete electric supply from motor.  This is one of the big reason of this connection that we can work any time with out any problem.


I hope you learn from this single phase motor wiring diagram and now you will be able to wire you induction motor him self. Thank you for visiting……..

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Testing voltage is very important and in this article you will learn that how to test voltage Or how to test ac voltage of your incoming electrical supply. Testing voltage is important because if your incoming voltage is low or high then it's make your electric appliances burn.

How to test voltage using digital multimeter

In this post for testing voltage we use digital multimeter as voltage tester. For alternative current potential difference measurement we can use digital multi meter by following method.
Mostly in our digital multimeter we have option for testing ac voltage which are like 200V and 500V. For 110 volts testing we use 200 volts option and for 200 to 500 volts testing we use the 500 volts option.

For testing AC voltage first of all select the AC voltage testing option by using selector switch as shown in below image.

testing voltage

After plug in the multimeter probes in an electrical outlet / socket or connect the probes to the Electric supply as shown in below image.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

In Electrical wiring we wire dimmer switches for ceiling fans, in this post you will learn dimmer switch wiring  with complete explanation diagram. In our last published wiring diagram i published a post about ceiling fan wiring and with dimmer diagram. To day in this post i share with you a diagram which i find on a dimmer switch.
Last Friday i wired a room in my village and when i am gonna to instill the dimmer switch, i find a wiring diagram on the dimmer switch which was designed my company not by me but it's can help you, and today i am gonna to share this diagram with you.

Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram

dimmer wiring diagram
Dimmer switch wiring diagram

In the above wiring diagram, two terminals of dimmer is shown in which one for input and second for out put. We wired a dimmer in series between electric supply and ceiling fan. So as shown in above diagram one wire goes to direct to the ceiling fan and the second wire go to the dimmer and then to fan.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

This post is about " what is a multimeter or the function of multi meter, in this post we discus working of multi meter shortly and after this post we will complete write about the multimeter uses.

What is a Multimeter and it's Function 

Multimeter is a electronic measurement device which we use for testing Ohm or Resistance (Ω) , AC voltage, DC voltage, Diode testing or buzz extra extra.
There are two types of mulitimeter which are Analog and Digital. A analog multimeter have moving pointer which move over a scale. A Digital multimeter display the measurement value in numbers. The advantage of a multi meter is that we can use for different measurements.
E.g We can use it for DC voltage testing, we can use for Ohm (Ω) or Resistance testing, We can check the AC voltage.

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Here is a look of Digital and Analog Multimeter.

Analog multimeter
Analog Multimeter

In Electrical wiring doorbell wiring is very important and useful connection. In every home we wire a doorbell and with out this wiring connection the all wiring is incomplete. In this post i will share three wiring diagrams of door bell in which i shown door bell transformer wiring, door bell with push button and two door system wiring.

How to Wire a doorbell?

To wire a door bell first of all connect the neutral wire to doorbell first terminal or connect to door bell wire. Then connect the phase (L) wire to push button and the do a wire connection between  bell and push button 2nd terminal as shown in below diagram.

doorbell wiring

In the Above diagram i wired a door bell with push button and i also shown a symbols diagram. This diagram is for those door bells with are working on 220 V or 110 V and have internal power supply. The next diagram for those bells which don't have internal power supply or transformer which step down the electric current.

Friday, July 17, 2015

We use capacitor in our electric fans, in this article i am gonna to write about the use of capacitor in fan or Ceiling fan. Every body know that a single phase motor can not be start with out using capacitor and the electrical fan are also a type of single phase motor.
We use two types of capacitors in single phase motor, in which one is Starting capacitor and 2nd is Running capacitor. In this article we discus the function of a capacitor in ceiling fan however we will discus the starting and running capacitor soon in our incoming posts.

Use Of Capacitor In Ceiling Fan:

Normally in our electric supply we have the lagging  power factor or we can said that we lagging current (I) and a ceiling fan required a leading power factor or leading current (I).
As i said that we have lagging current and fan required leading current not a leading voltage, so the capacitor make the current lead and when we use the capacitor then our supply have a leading power factor or Current.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the refrigerator compressor we have three terminals but it is very hard to identify compressor terminals or find out that which one is start, run and common. In this article you will learn that how a person can easily find out the compressor terminals. For testing compressor terminals we use an ohm meter or any multimeter which have ohm testing option and i hope after reading this post we will completely understand and identification compressor terminals will no more problem for you.

How To Identify Compressor Terminals

We know that compressor have three terminals and in these terminals one is called (Start terminal) 2nd called (Run terminal) and 3rd called (Common terminal). But you don't know that which one is start, run and common.
E.g : If you have refrigerator or Air conditioner compressor and you want to identify the terminals then follow the below method.

First of all gave name to the terminals, for example you gave name to terminals A,B,C. Then set multimeter on Ohm. Put leds of multimeter and test the A and B terminal, then check the A and C terminals and then B and C. You will find high resistance between two terminals. For example you Find 50 resistance between A and B terminals (A-50-B), it's means that these terminals are start and run and the 3rd one is common. So you find out the common terminal and now you want to identify the start and run terminal.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mostly in our daily life single phase motor are use then 3 phase motor. Stand fan, Ceiling fan, refrigerator compressor etc are all single phase motor. When ever we talk about the single phase or one phase motor we here about the start run and common. But we don't know that what is start run and common. This post will help you that what is this in one phase motors.

Start Run Common Diagram :

In a single phase motor have two types of coil and we called him running and starting coil or winding. and these two coil have one starting point and one ending point.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

We do always the breaker box wiring in electrical wiring for safety, in this post you will learn that how a circuit breaker box work in our electrical wiring. In this post i will share with you a simple breaker box diagram which help you to wire a breaker box and which gave you a idea about circuit breaker box wiring.

Working of Breaker box
Breaker Boxes

Wiring and Installation Guide For Breaker Box With Diagram

Importance of Breaker box in Electrical wiring :

(1) We can work easily in our electrical wiring by switching off the main circuit breaker.
(2) We can easily find out the short circuit, (if a room have a short circuit then the circuit breaker will be trip which is used for the room).
(3) We can easily switch of the electricity where we did not need the electric supply.

Circuit Breaker Box Wiring Diagram And Explanation :

In wiring of breaker box, we wire the circuit breakers, Mostly we use the single phase electric supply in our daily life, in single phase we have one phase and one neutral. In breaker box first we wire the two pole circuit breaker and the we will get supply from two pole circuit breaker for other circuit breakers.

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After wiring the 2 pole breaker we will get the phase from 2 pole breaker and share will all the single pole OR one pole circuit breakers. Then we will get the electric supply for every point from the one pole circuit breakers.
E.g : If we wire a breaker box in a home and we have 3 rooms and one kitchen, so we wire 2 one pole breaker for each room, because in room wiring we have two types of load, High load and low load. High load mean electric heater, Air conditioner etc and Low load mean electric fans, TV, computer, lights etc.
So we wire two types of  breakers in which which one for high load and one for low load.
For high load we will use 20 Ampere (20 A) and for low load we use the 10 ampere. And for kitchen we will use only one high ampere circuit breaker (20 A) . In the below circuit breaker box wiring diagram i completely guide about all things but my article is not end, it is continue after the diagram.
circuit breaker box wiring diagram
Wiring Diagram of Breaker Box

In above breaker box wiring diagram, i did not use the symbols which is very easy for me to design but i want that you understand in very small time that's way i use the breaker images.
In the above diagram i wire three room and one kitchen from breaker box.
Note that the neutral wire is only control from the main double pole breaker and we connect the neutral wire to brass electrical connector which available in market and we use it in every breaker box wiring.
Use the 6 mm wire for main supply and use 4 mm wire for the high load of rooms (Air conditioner , Heater etc) and 2.5 mm for low load of rooms, note that 2.5 mm cable only for main switching board of the room not for other room wiring. Use the 1.5 mm for other electric appliances (ceiling fan, lights etc) in bedroom . Use the 4 mm wire for neutral for each room because this wire is common and we get supply for both high and low load.

Final Word :

Use 6 mm copper wire for incoming supply.
Use the 63 Ampere high quality double pole circuit breaker.
Use the 4 mm cable for High load (e.g Air conditioner, heater) .
Use the 20 Ampere circuit breaker for High load.
Use the 10 Ampere circuit breaker for Low load.
Use 4 mm cable for neutral wire.
Use the high load and high quality connector for neutral supply connection .
Use 6 mm wire for share phase to the circuit breakers.
Use the 20 amperes breaker for bathroom and kitchen supply.  

To all of my visitor i requested to share this breaker box wiring diagram and article, because i spend a big time of making the diagram and writing this article, and now you have any question regarding this circuit breaker box diagram then do your post in below comment section.

Friday, July 3, 2015

We use voltmeters to measuring the voltage or electrical potential difference between two points of electric circuit, and mostly we wire in it our main board or main circuit breakers board. In this post you will learn that," how to wire a voltmeter". To start talking about the voltmeter or voltage meter wiring first we will learn about some basic thing which is very important.

What is Voltage?

The force which flow the electron in a conductor is called voltage, it is denoted by "V" and it's unit is volt.

Types of Voltmeters:

There are two types of voltmeters Analog and Digital.
Analog Voltmeter:
 The analog voltmeter have moving a pointer which show the range of voltage in a circuit.
Digital Voltmeter:
 The digital voltmeter gave us a numerical display of voltage.
analog and digital voltmeters wiring
Analog and Digital voltmeters

How to wire a Voltmeter ?