Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to Wire Batteries in Parallel?

In our daily life we use batteries, and mostly we use it in 2 types of connection in which one is " Wiring batteries in parallel and 2nd in series ". In this post you will learn that how to wire batteries in parallel connection with explanation diagram.

How to Wire 2 Batteries in Parallel

To wire 2 or more then 2 batteries in Parallel connection, e.g example if you have two batteries and you want to wire it with each other in parallel. So if your first batter is 12 volts and 200Ah and your 2nd batter same just like first. So you have two batteries of 12 volts and 200Ah. So When you connect both batteries in parallel then the volts (V) will be same 12 volts but your  Ah (ampere hour) will be plus 400Ah.

Now lets come to the wiring connection, for this type of batteries wiring, connect an electric wire between B1 positive B2 positive terminals and then connection an electric wire between B1 negative terminal B2 negative terminal.
Now you make a batter which is 12 volts and 400Ah. After that get supply form the batteries as shown in below diagram.

wiring batteries in parallel
In above batteries wiring diagram i shown that how to wire your batteries in parallel and how you can get supply from this. Now if you have any question regarding this post or batteries in parallel then write your word in below comments section.

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