Friday, February 13, 2015

Wire a Room and Washroom in Home Wiring

In home wiring we wire room, washroom. In this post i will show you that how you can wire a room and washroom. In this wiring i wired fuse, indicator, 2 ceiling fans, 3 bulbs, 3 plug socket. In this home wiring diagram, i controlled all room wiring from a fuse, two ceiling fans controlled by switches and dimmers and light bulbs by switches. In washroom i wired an outlet and a light bulb by switch in below diagram.

Home Wiring Diagram - Room With Washroom Wiring

In this type of room wiring, i start wiring form main supply in below diagram. First of all connect the neutral (N) wire to all plug sockets, ceiling roos, light holders and indicator. Then connect your phase (L) wire to fuse and then get connection form fuse to all substance as shown in below diagram.

Home Wiring Diagram

In above diagram i wired to ceiling fans, in home wiring we use ceiling roos for ceiling fan but i didn't shown the ceiling roos in diagram. Use the 7/29 copper cable wire for plug sockets supply and main board in room wiring and for other low ampere substance use 3/29 cable.

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After so hardworking i designed the above diagram and write this post and if you learn some thing from this post then it's will be your kindness if you share this home wiring diagram with your friends on social media. Thanks for sharing......


  1. the information you providing are very very informative and useful.

  2. can a person connect live wire to switch and other live wire from switch to bulb. the neutral straight from another sauce eg from plug socket?

  3. Due to its mechanical properties the 1350 alloys were not suitable for use in branch circuitry.