Friday, February 27, 2015

In every place we use the electric motor and mostly single phase motors. Single phase motor wiring is too simple connection but every person can not do it easily. Today this post is specially for complete method of single phase motor wiring with switch Off-On circuit breaker. For single phase motor we can use one way switch, 1 pole circuit breaker and 2 pole circuit breaker for controlling off-on.
You can wire a single phase motor form one pole circuit breaker and also you can do it form 2 pole circuit breaker. But this best method of wiring is the first one because there is no necessary that we controlled and switched the neutral (N) wire, we always switched the Line wire (L) for safety and Off-On.
And you want full protection then use the 2 pole circuit breaker, however this is suitable for those places where you don't know about the neutral and phase wire.
Every one know that a single phase motor have only 2 wire to get supply and it's working only on two wires and we connect the AC supply with it in which one is neutral and second is phase wire.

How to wire a single phase motor

Monday, February 16, 2015

Wiring an electrical outlet is very simple circuit and it's can be done by anyone and this circuit it too simple and every body can learn in very small time. I also share an article about this but today i want to explain deeply.

What is an Electrical Outlet?

The place or the point of electric wiring from where a person can easily take supply for his substance e.g Plug sockets etc.
I will be share more article about electrical outlet differents types and it's wiring diagram.
The below is simple diagram, in which i shown a outlet with phase Line and neutral wires and shown that how to wire it?
how to wire an outlet
wiring of an outlet

Are you want to wire more then 1 outlet then connect the outlets in parallel as shown in below diagram.

wire multiple outlets
4 outlets wiring diagram

In above outlet wiring diagrams, in first diagram i shown outlet symbol with wiring and in second diagram i repeat shown 4 symbols of outlet and it's wiring connections. Now if you want to connect an electrical outlet on another side of room then you can easily get supply from this type of connections and then wire an outlet just like the above diagram.

Friday, February 13, 2015

In home wiring we wire room, washroom. In this post i will show you that how you can wire a room and washroom. In this wiring i wired fuse, indicator, 2 ceiling fans, 3 bulbs, 3 plug socket. In this home wiring diagram, i controlled all room wiring from a fuse, two ceiling fans controlled by switches and dimmers and light bulbs by switches. In washroom i wired an outlet and a light bulb by switch in below diagram.

Home Wiring Diagram - Room With Washroom Wiring

In this type of room wiring, i start wiring form main supply in below diagram. First of all connect the neutral (N) wire to all plug sockets, ceiling roos, light holders and indicator. Then connect your phase (L) wire to fuse and then get connection form fuse to all substance as shown in below diagram.

Home Wiring Diagram

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We use mostly use batteries in our life and we connect it two connection, connecting batteries in series is a connection which we use it mostly when we have two 12 volts batteries and we required the 24 volts DC supply.

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How to wire Batteries in Parallel?

How To Wire 2 Batteries In Series?

For connecting 2 batteries in series, first of all connect a wire between B1 Negative terminal and B2 positive terminal. Note that use a strong and high gauge of electric cable. That's all you done it, now you can get 24 volts of supply from B1 positive terminal and B2 negative terminal as shown in below diagram.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

In our daily life we use batteries, and mostly we use it in 2 types of connection in which one is " Wiring batteries in parallel and 2nd in series ". In this post you will learn that how to wire batteries in parallel connection with explanation diagram.

How to Wire 2 Batteries in Parallel

To wire 2 or more then 2 batteries in Parallel connection, e.g example if you have two batteries and you want to wire it with each other in parallel. So if your first batter is 12 volts and 200Ah and your 2nd batter same just like first. So you have two batteries of 12 volts and 200Ah. So When you connect both batteries in parallel then the volts (V) will be same 12 volts but your  Ah (ampere hour) will be plus 400Ah.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Today i am gonna to guide you that how you can do wiring a switched outlet or how can you control a plug socket from a switch. In this post i will complete guide you with diagram and explanation. This wiring connection is very useful for safety because when you wire a switch with plug outlet then a person can easily off and on it.

How To Wire Switch Controlled Electrical Outlet


Outlet : 1 Outlet / Plug Socket
Electric Supply : 220 volt / 110 volt
Switch : 1 Switch "switch type : one way switch
Screw drive

Monday, February 2, 2015

For learning E wiring, A person always start from base and those whose join short ways they never succeed. In this post we will talk about wiring lights in parallel which we will control by a one way switch. From this post you will get an idea of parallel circuit. Some Requirements are required for doing this connection in home piratically.


Lights / bulbs : 2 lights
Electric supply : AC 220 volt
Switch : 1 switch
Bulb sockets : 2 bulb sockets
Screw drive

Wiring Lights in Parallel with Switch