Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Wire a 2 Way Switch

In our daily life we use two way switches, but most people don't know about the 2 way switch wiring, for that i am gonna to write about this switch wiring with complete diagram. Most of people think that in electric wiring we use 2 way switch only for stair circuit, but they are wrong , because the uses of 2 way switch in electrical technology so many. We use in Washing machine, We use it for two electric supply etc.

How to Wire a Two Way Switch

In 2 way switch we have three terminal, in which one is common and 2 are for different connection and different supply, it is depends on your use and work, however i am try to explain it uses using below diagram.
In below diagram i shown switch symbols for explanation and function.
two way switch symbol
In above example i shown in one symbol that you can gave supply to common wire and can get supply from 2 terminals and in second switch symbol i shown that you can enter two supply and can get a supply form common terminal which you want. You can use it regarding your work in many places.


I hope you understood that how to wire a two way switch, however for better understanding soon i will write about the complete examples. However you can ask your question in below comments section.

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  1. you are good at simplifying circuits,will be waiting to see a more detailed simplified version of a 2 way wiring circuit.