Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Wire 4 Pole Circuit Breaker For 3 Phase 4 Wire System

This post is about the complete wiring method of 3 phase 4 wire system wiring controlling through the 4 pole circuit breaker. In this post you will learn something about the Three phase four wire system controlling. Last time i published a post about the 3 pole breaker wiring if you did not read it then for better understanding read it.

3 Phase 4 Wire System Controlling From 4 Pole Circuit Breaker

Requirements :

As Supply : Three phase four wire
Breaker : four pole circuit breaker
Electric cables

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Method of controlling three phase four wire system through 4 pole breaker :

First of all switch of your in coming main line supply and after that connect the wires to breaker as shown in the below image. Just like below image / diagram connect the In voltage L1, L2, L3 and neutral to in terminals of breaker and then connect same the out connection wires as shown below.

3 phase wiring using 4 pole circuit breaker

In above image i use blue color line for phase 1, yellow for phase 2, red for phase 3 and black for neutral. Remember that we use only these colors for 3 phase wiring and if we have 110 or 220 voltage supply then we use black color wire for neutral and red for phase.

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  2. why do you put breaker in neutral? Neutral is grounded. Grounding is for safety. Then why break a ground?

    1. Dear this neutral , not a ground, And if a person do mistake in color of wire , then it's will make a big problem. My means that if some body use same colors of wire and he do the connection phase wire on neutral incoming wire then he will switch of the circuit breaker and he will think that all line wire are break, but there will break neural and two line wires, So this too important to control the N wire also.....

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