Thursday, January 29, 2015

In our daily life we use two way switches, but most people don't know about the 2 way switch wiring, for that i am gonna to write about this switch wiring with complete diagram. Most of people think that in electric wiring we use 2 way switch only for stair circuit, but they are wrong , because the uses of 2 way switch in electrical technology so many. We use in Washing machine, We use it for two electric supply etc.

How to Wire a Two Way Switch

In 2 way switch we have three terminal, in which one is common and 2 are for different connection and different supply, it is depends on your use and work, however i am try to explain it uses using below diagram.
In below diagram i shown switch symbols for explanation and function.
two way switch symbol
In above example i shown in one symbol that you can gave supply to common wire and can get supply from 2 terminals and in second switch symbol i shown that you can enter two supply and can get a supply form common terminal which you want. You can use it regarding your work in many places.

Friday, January 23, 2015

We use ceiling fans in every room and in room wiring the wiring ceiling fan is very important thing in a room, there for this post is also about complete method of wiring of ceiling fan with dimmer switch and one way switch. In Electric wiring we use a dimmer switch and one way switch for ceiling fan controlling .

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan From Switch and Dimmer Switch

Requirements :

AC Supply 110 to 220 volts
Ceiling Fan
Switch : One way switch OR Single way switch
Dimmer Switch

Wiring A Ceiling Fan Diagram

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Today you will learn about wiring lights in parallel with complete diagram, This type of wiring connection is used mostly in our daily life. In this parallel wiring diagram i shown three light bulbs with AC supply. Before i write about the diagram and wiring connection, " i want to write some about Parallel Circuit.

How to Wire Bulbs in Parallel

What is Parallel Circuit?

A parallel circuit is a circuit which have two or more then two paths of flowing current, In this circuit the voltage (V) will be same in every path of circuit and Current (Ampere) will be different.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Every home have some rooms in which we do electric room wiring and when we done it all we called it home wiring, my this post is about how to wire a room and in this post you will learn that how a person wire a room. In this article i am gonna to share with you a room wiring diagram from which you complete learn that how to do wiring in a room. So lets start, in this wiring diagram, i wire 4 lights bulbs, 1 ceiling fan from switch and dimmer switch, fuse and indicator and 2 plug socket.

Wiring A Room In Home Wiring

Requirements :

AC supply : 110 to 220 volts
Fuse : 1 fuse
Indicator : 1 indicator
Ceiling fan : 1 ceiling fan
Switches : 4 one way switches 
Dimmer switch : 1 dimmer switch
Plug sockets : 2 plug socket, or 2 pin sockets

For this type of wiring a room first of all switch off you main circuit breaker and then start your work and then do all wiring as shown in the below wiring image diagram. However let me explain, " first connect the phase wire to fuse and then connect wire connection form fuse to switches ans plug socket as shown below. Then connect the neutral wire to plug sockets, indicator lamp as shown in below. Then connect the neutral wire light bulb sockets  and ceiling roos and after that do connection of bulbs and fan phase wire from switches and dimmer switch as shown in below image/diagram.

one room wiring diagram

I hope the above image help you very much, however i also design this wiring in a room diagram with symbol which is very helpful for better understanding. In below room wiring diagram i shown one way switch symbols, dimmer switch symbol, indicator lamp symbol, fuse symbol and plug socket symbol with AC supply and complete 1 room-wiring explanation.
room wiring diagram

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The electrical outlet wiring / plug socket connection learning is very important for electrical students and just for that this post is about how to wire electrical outlets. For today post i make a electrical outlets wiring diagram in which i shown that how to do wiring of outlets / plug sockets. In this post post you will learn that how to wire electrical outlets / 2 pin sockets with AC supply, however i will post soon about UPS wiring and and instillation of electric home wiring.

Requirements :
Electrical outlet : 4 outlets / two pin sockets
AC supply : 110 volts OR 220 volts AC incoming supply

For socket & outlets wiring," first of all switch off your main circuit breaker and then connect the neutral and phase wires to plug sockets shown in below image / diagram. Then Switch On your circuit Breaker

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last time i write about series circuit, today in this post i am writing about wiring of lights in series by one way switch. In this post i am gonna to share with you a image / diagram in which i shown that how a person wire 2 lights or bulbs in series by one way switch / single way switch.

How to Wire Two Lights in Series By Switch

Requirements :
Lights : 2 lights / bulbs
AC Supply : 220 volts
Electric cable

The wiring lights in series is best connection for better understanding for series circuit, form which a electrical student completely learn. Today in this post i am gonna to write about ,"how to wiring lights in series". In this circuit i shall talk about voltage and current in series circuit.

What is Series Circuit?

The series circuit is a circuit in which we connect resistors in one line just like electric better cells. In series circuit current (Ampere) will be same in each part of circuit and voltage will be different. Another example of series circuit is a circuit where we plus resistors, for example we connect two 5 ohm Ω resistor then our complete resistance will be 10 Ω. OR, Series circuit is a circuit which have only one path form the source through all load, OR the series CKT is a circuit where have only way for completing circuit.

Voltage And Ampere In Series Circuit :

In series circuit the voltage will be different in every point and current (Amps) will be same. The below example image of wiring light bulbs in series is for your better understanding. In the below series diagram i shown three light bulbs in which if you test the receiving voltage then you will find that each bulb have receiving different voltage and if you check the current Ampere in all points of circuit you will find that consummation amps is same.

How to Do Wiring Lights in Series :

Requirements :

Light bulbs : 3 bulbs
AC supply : 220 volts
Electric Cables

Method Of Wiring Lights In Series

Monday, January 5, 2015

This post is about the complete wiring method of 3 phase 4 wire system wiring controlling through the 4 pole circuit breaker. In this post you will learn something about the Three phase four wire system controlling. Last time i published a post about the 3 pole breaker wiring if you did not read it then for better understanding read it.

3 Phase 4 Wire System Controlling From 4 Pole Circuit Breaker

Requirements :

As Supply : Three phase four wire
Breaker : four pole circuit breaker
Electric cables

Also read it :

Wiring of One Pole C Breaker
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Method of controlling three phase four wire system through 4 pole breaker :

Today this post is about the 3 pole circuit breaker wiring , in this post i will share with you a image and diagram in which i shown in coming 3 phase supply and out going supply. For three phase supply we use colors Red, Yellow and Blue.
Why i share this post about 3 phase supply circuit breaker, the only one reason of this post is that you learn something about the 3 phase wiring, further i will share posts about complete 3 phase wiring.
In this post i only share image / diagram with you for your better understanding. I hope this will help.

Method of Wiring of 3 Pole Circuit Breaker

Requirements :

Electric supply : 3 Phase supply
Circuit Breaker : three pole breaker
Electric Cable

In the below image i shown 3 pole circuit breaker wiring with 3 phase supply, however you can use in for 2 phase and neutral. The wiring of both is same. In below image i shown that how to wire 3 pole C breaker with 3 phase supply.

wiring of circuit breaker with in supply and out supply

In above example image i did not shown the neutral wire, however soon in my new post i will write about the 4 pole circuit breaker wiring.

Friday, January 2, 2015

This post is about the wiring method of double pole circuit breaker and this post have double pole circuit breaker wiring diagram which help you understand this type of wiring connection. We use circuit breaker mostly for switching in electric wiring for complete home supply, room supply, air conditioner, water electric motors etc. Note date instill and wire circuit breakers regarding your load (Amp).
So this post about the wiring of double pole circuit breaker.

Requirements :
Circuit Breaker :1 Double Pole / 2 pole circuit breaker
Electric supply : 220 volt of supply
Electric cable : For out going supply

Tools required :
Screwdriver set

The wiring of a plug socket is too simple and easy but a beginner E technology's student did not do it him self until he learned. Some years ago learning too hard and a person can not learn electric wiring with out doing practically job with a electrician or without learning in institute but now you can learn it easily using Internet. Today is the day of new year and this blog is the gift from me for all people.
So this post is about the wiring of a 2 pin plug socket and in this post you will completely learn that how a person wire a plug socket.

AC supply : 110 to 220 volts
Plug Socket : 1 two pin socket