Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nowadays protection is very important in electrical works, and for different Electrical appliances we use different methods and different devices for protection, today i am writing about overload protector and it's wiring. In this post i am taking about automatic reset thermal overload protector which we use for single phase load. This overload we use to make safe our electrical devices from over current flowing.

Some Thing about Thermal overload protector relay

Today in which type of overload i talking, is a type of overload switch which is cut off the electric supply in case of over current flowing. This device is also called reset thermal overload switch. Mostly we use this device for single phase power supply, and i also published a post about refrigerator overload and it's working principles and this overload also working same like refrigerator O/L protector.

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How to Wire Reset overload Protector Switch

The over current overload protector wiring is very simple, and many places for single phase / one phase supply we use it in series connection between supply and the load. In the below diagram i shown a overload thermal protector which i wired in series connection. I shown the incoming AC supply and out put supply. I connect the L (phase) wire to protector and then i get the supply form O/L protector to the load as i shown below.
overload protector wiring

In the above diagram i shown 20 A (ampere) overload and when ever it's trip you can also reset by pushing reset switch.  When ever some over current flow from it's range it's will cut off the Electric supply and make his contacts open. Note that always use these overload regarding your load. If your overloading current 10 A and you use 20 A then it's will not trip until it's reached to the 20 Ampere.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

As you know that in your daily life you use two types of things, in which electricity or current flow is possible or in which current can flow easily and some are those material in which the current flow is impossible. These things we called conductors and insulators. For types of insulators and conductors we will deuces in last but the first is that what are conductors and what are insulators. I think the first thing is to know about that what the meaning conductor and insulator.

What are Conductors and Insulators?


Those materials in which the flow electron flow is done easily, or we can said that conductors are those materials / things that permit a generous flow of electrons with very little external force (voltage) applied (book definition). In simple words conductor are those materials in which the current flow possible or in which a electric current can flow easily.


Insulator are those materials in which have very low number of free electron or in which the current flow is impossible or in which current can not flow is called insulator. In other words insulators are those things that have very few free electrons and require  large amount of applied voltage to establish a measurable current level (book definition) or the level of current from which a person can get electric current.

insulators and conductors

Types of Insulators and Conductors

As i written in my about words that conductor are those materials in which current flow is done by applying a small voltage or power. However for better understanding i want to tell you same names of conductor.
Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Iron are good electrical conductors.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

In my last post, i talk about the role of electronic technology in our daily life and it's importance's, and this is our second post about electronics. In this post i am writing about Electron Emission and it's types with big try to explain it with you in sample words.
In this post we will disuse the following topics:
  • What is Electronic Emission?
  • Thermionic Or Primary Emission
  • Secondary Emission
  • Photo Electric Emission
  • Field Emission

What is Electron Emission?

In Simple words, " The phenomenon of escaping or emitting electrons from the metal surface into surrounding by applying a specific energy is called the Electron emission.
In other words applying a specific method or force on specific metal for emitting electrons or getting electrons is called Electron emission.
We know that every metal is made from those atoms which are conjunct doggedly with one anther in the shape of Crystal.
We also know that electron which separate from atom outer shell electron is called atom free electrons, note that due to these free electrons flow the current flow is possible in wires, transistors and valves.
An every conductor free electrons are moving or surrounding- in atom outer shell electron, These free electrons are not emitting himself from metal surface because the metal surface force stop escaping electrons on normal temperature.
It's mean that with out applying force the free electron not escaping from metal.
When we provide some extra energy, the electron absorb the energy and due to this observation it's kinetic energy become in cress and free electron able to emit from metal surface. This emitting is called electronic emission.
this image is take from an online pdf book

Types Of Electron Emission

For Escaping electron from any conductor or metal we use 4 different methods which are below.

Thermionic - Primary Emission

The method of Electron emission we use more then other methods of emission. In this method we provide the heat to metal for emitting free electron from metal surface, due to temperature, the free electron kinetic energy and thermal energy in cress and electron start escaping from the metal surface. If you provide more temperature, the electron will emitting more, it's means that temperature increasing and decreasing have a big link with electrons.
This method of emission is just like liquid evaporation method.
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Secondary Emission :

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

If a person said to you that life is boring with out electronics then he/she is 100% right, and it is truth and no one can ignore this truth. That's why i am writing this post about introduction to Electronics, it's only a short introduction but i hope after this post we will start interest in electronics.

What is Electronics?

Electronic the branch of science or the branch of technology which belong to electronic devices and equipment and it's uses and utilization.
The electronics devices means those devices in which the flow of electrons or conduction of electrons can be done by Gas, Vacuum, or Semi Conductors.
Rectification, Amplification, Generation, Controlling, Conversion of Electricity to light, Conversion of light into electricity and many more can be done by electronics devices.

electronics devices

USE OF Electronics Devices:

As is written in my above introduction to electronics words that electronics is very important role in our life, i shown you some examples which are below.

For emergency AC power supply we use inverter / UPS, which work very good for low load. In some countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan electricity load shedding is a big problem and it's salutation is only two which are AC syncornas generator and Inverter / UPS(uninterruptible power supply) but ups is good choice for low load. In this post i will tech you about inverter/ups wiring or installation emergency power supply in two rooms from inverter.

How to Install UPS / Inverter wiring in 2 rooms?

I also published a post about inverter installation in one room or office but in my last post i wired outlets with light bulb and ceiling fan with 12 volts inverter, But is this post i will show you that how to wire 2 rooms from 24 volts or two batteries inverter.
This is complete guide about inverter and batteries installation in your home but it is not a pool stop (.) and INSHA ALLAH soon i will design more diagrams about this topic.

inverter wiring diagram

I hope you understood all things which i shown in above diagram, however for your better understanding, i am lighting about this diagram shortly.
In above inverter-ups wiring diagram i shown 24 volts inverter - ups with 2 batteries with incoming power supply and out going power supply from inverter.

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How to install inverter-ups in one room?

In the diagram i shown 2 rooms in which i shown 2 energy saver bulbs and one ceiling fan in each room. As I told you in my last post that in ups - inverter wiring the neutral will common for both supplies. A line wire will be take from inverter, however you can get neutral wire from the ups output outlet.
For better understanding also read by last posts which post links i provided above.


Do Follow the same method of wiring as i shown in above diagram, and i hope you understood it completlty after ups wiring diagram for 2 rooms/office. However you can ask me question regarding this post in below comments section.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

In power wiring or 3 phase 4 wire system, we used the 3 phase power of all electric induction motors, equipments etc, but we did not ignore the neutral wire or ground wire. In many place we required neutral wire to complete circuit. But This is also important to know about our lines or 3 phases that these 3 phase wire properly working or are every phase incoming supply is coming properly and not cut or broken in main power supply wire. So this very important to test or know about our 3 phase supply coming properly, for that we use led indicator and this post is also about indicator wiring diagram.
Yes this connection is very important and we do it any every main 3 phase panel board. In this post i will share with 2 diagrams about led light indicator wiring, '' in which one is image+diagram and second is symbol diagram.

How To Wire Led Light Indicator For 3 Phase 4 Wire System 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nowadays in many countries load shedding is one of the beg issue and many people use inverter / UPS for emergency electric power supply. And nowadays when we start an electrical project wiring, we also do the inverter wiring or ups wiring connection. Because this is the necessary of time. For this i start new tutorials diagram series which is about inverter-ups instillation diagrams.
In this post i will show you that how can you wired or instill a emergency power inverter / ups for a single room or for office.
If you miss our last post about inverter and batteries then also take a look on these post links.

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UPS & Inverter Wiring Diagram For One Room / Office

In the below diagram i shown inverter wiring which is controlled by double pole mcb circuit breaker, For room inverter wiring we use only line (Phase) wire from inverter and we use neutral from direct supply which is provided by electric supply company. Are we can said that in ups (uninterruptible power supply) wiring neutral wire is common. However we always consider N neutral wire as commons for each path of circuit.
So come to ups- inverter wiring diagram, i controlled ups - inverter form 2 pole circuit breaker and i also get neutral wire from circuit breaker for room electrical deaves / equipments. I get Phase / Line wire supply form inverter / ups for room as i shown in below diagram.

inverter wiring

I know that the above ups diagram is too simple and any body can understood it easily, however let's explain step by stem. Wiring an inverter is too simple, in above diagram i wired and controlled ups/inverter by double pole circuit breaker or i can said that i instill circuit breaker between electric supply and inverter - UPS (). After that i take neutral wire for room/office wiring from MCB breaker and i connect it to all electric devices / appliances with one-one point or terminal e.g example outlets / sockets, ceiling fan, energy sever light bulbs or bulb sockets. After that step i take phase wire supply form ups inverter as i shown in above diagram and then i connect the phase wire to switches as shown above.

Friday, November 20, 2015

In my last tutorial post, i published a diagram about how to connect one batter to inverter / UPS and this post is also about inverter batteries diagram but in last post i shared about one battery which we use for 12 volts inverter/UPS. But in today you will learn about connection of 2 batteries to 24 Volts ups / inverter.
12 volts inverter we used for a small load or we can said we use it for a room or 2 room/ office and we can use 24 V inverter/ups for a little big load, if we can use 12V for 1 room then we can use 24V inverter for double load. However we use any type of inverter for it’s range load, my means if a 12V 1500 Watts inverter can handle 50 % load of your home/office appliances then 24V 3000 Watts inverter will handle full load of your home.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nowadays in some countries load shedding is a big problem like Pakistan and India. And these countries peoples use UPS / Inverter for emergency electric supply to use his electrical equipments. For ups inverter we connect the a DC battery which provide us backup. Inverter ups battery connection diagram and it's connection method is two simple and easy, however my work to guide you about every things from start so today you will learn in this post that how to connect inverter to the AC supply and how to connect inverter to battery. In this post i shown a 12 volts ups/inverter to 12 volts battery.

How to connect inverter to batter and AC supply?

The wiring of ups(uninterruptible power supply)/ inverer is too simple but IN SH ALLAH we will make diagrams and posts about our next coming articles. In this diagram i shown a inverter/ups which connect with AC supply with double pole circuit breaker(you can also connect this to outlet/socket) and DC leads connected with a 12V DC battery.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

In my last published post, i shared a diagram about double pole rcd wiring, and now in this post we also publish a diagram about rcd breaker but this diagram is about 4 pole rcd which we can use in 3 phase 4 wire system for protection.
I will share more nice and important tutorials about complete instillation of rcd in homes, but in this post i want to tech you about only 4 pole rcd circuit breaker wiring. This is a basic diagram and IN SH ALLAH soon we will make more example and helpful diagrams, from which you will learn easily.

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How to Wire A 4 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker

In rcd 4 pole breaker we have 8 terminals where 4 terminals for input supply and 4 for output supply just like a 4 pole mccb circuit breaker and not only it's like 4 pole circuit breaker, it's wiring method is also same.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Every one know that Electricity is dangerous, and mostly in our homes we wearied about our children because kids./children always to do some thing new and when children saw a electrical devices, he want to get and play with this, e,g example that our children don't know about outlet./socket and when he/she saw this, there are 50% chances that he/she will enter his finger in outlet.
So what is solution of this problem in electrical wiring, don't worry the world become advance and you can safe himself and your children from Electric shock using RCD circuit breaker in your main distribution board. In this post you will learn about rcd wiring which is a protective devices. The working rcd breaker is that when a person mistakenly touch with phase wire, it's trip and switch off all supply.
 RCD means Residual Current Device

How To Do RCD Wiring OR Fixed 2 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker Wiring 

Before we learn about wiring diagram, i want to light about some related things with this article.

What is RCD ?

RCD means residual current device which make safe you form electric shock, if you are working live in electricity and by mistakenly you touch the phase/line wire which is dangerous. In case of this situation the rcd show his work and stop the electric supply. RCD broke the electric circuit if there is an earth current flow.

Types of RCD

Three are main three types of rcd which protect you from a strong electric shock, which are below

Fixed RCD

This type of rcd is wired and instilled in consumer unit wiring (fuse box or distribution main board) and it's provide protection to all unit electrical wiring, e.g example all sockets/outlets, all light bulbs and all fans etc.

Outlet/Socket RCD

This is special type of rcd or we can said it a advance protective electrical outlet. But this rcd outlet provide protection to those people who use electric power form these sockets or who plug in his equipments shoe or led to this socket/outlet RCD.

Portable RCD

This is a special and advance type of portable sockets, in this portable socket a rcd breaker is faxed, and you know that is the real place of rcd which is portable socket. To make safe your children, family and you form electric sock from portable sockets," then use this portable rcd fax socket or outlets."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In industrial system we use mostly three phase electric power for electric induction motors. A single phase induction motor can not do work as a 3 phase can done. For 3 phase motor we use some electrical devices for starting, off and resetting, magnetic contactor is one of them that's why today we disuse about contactor wiring with complete explanation. In 3 power system we use some devices between induction motor and supply which are a CB Circuit breaker, MC magnetic cont actor or motor stater, O/L overload relay and NC, NO push button switches for on/off and reset.

How To Do Contactor Wiring For 3 Phase Induction Motor With 3 Pole Circuit Breaker, Overload Relay, NO,NC Push Button Switches

In this tutorial post i will tell you about motor contactor wiring and it's diagram. But before we will disuse devises and working.

3 Pole Circuit Breaker CB

For 3P power supply we use to 3 pole circuit breaker for switching supply. Always use a CB before circuit wiring, from this you can make your circuit safe and we you will be able to switch off/on any time. You can also use 4 pole breaker, which is very best because you can control also the neutral wire.

MC Magnetic contactor

For 3 phase induction motor start/stop we use always MC contact or. It's is a type of electric relay which can switch the 3 electric connections easily. I also published post about motor starter working you can see on below links.
Click here for more information.

O/L Overload Relay

Overload relay is protective device which make safe our electric motor from burning during high current flowing to the induction motor. There are two popular types O/L relay which is thermal overload relay and Electronic overload relay. In this wiring diagram contactor, i shown thermal overload relay however soon i will make a diagram about electronic relay.

NC Normal Close Push Button Switch

For motor contactor wiring we use push button switches for switching on/off the motor. NC means normal close which means that this push button is normally in close circuit and when we push, it's make an open electric circuit. I show NC with red color button and NO with Green color.
For details Click here.

NO Normal Open Push button Switch

The Normal open S is normally in open electric circuit and if a person push this NO it's make NC circuit. For further information visit below link.
For more info click here.

MC Motor Starter Wiring Diagram With CB,MC,O/L, NO, NC

Friday, November 6, 2015

Every time when we wired our home, or we using electric power, or we share our electricity. Every time we want to find out full load Ampere (A) . That's way i am sharing digital ammeter wiring diagram with CT current transformer- wiring connection.

Ampere mean the the load or the consumption of current of a circuit. Mostly people did not wire this meter in home but i think, these people did not know about the advantage of ampere meter. So i talk about the load or consumption current. But the main question comes to newbie person is that what is ampere.
We know that the flow of electrons in a conductor is called current, it's unit Ampere and it is denoted by I.
Or We can said that if one coulombs of electron flow from a point to another point in one second time is called one Ampere (A).
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Washing machine numbering is those electrical appliances which we use very much in our homes. Today we disuse washing machine not spinning problems and how to fix and repair these problems. In this post we will lighting about these problems and it's faxing methods.

washing machine not spinning

There are many problems of washing machine not spinning which we can face in our new or old washing machine, As we told you in above sentences that in this post we are lighting some tips about washer not spinning. In Below i highlight some reasons but IN SHA ALLAH we will make more helpful tutorials further on this site.

8 Big Problems of Washer / Washing Machine Not Spinning

Low Or Wrong Voltage Problem

The electric motor works on electric energy and it's want some required pressure of voltage to work properly, if providing voltage is low then it's will not working. For this, test your voltage and if voltage is low then use a voltage regulator to fix the voltage or take supply form other places. This is one of the big problem of washing machine not spinning
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last time i published about a method of Staircase wiring and today post is also about this but in my last post i shared only one method of staircase electrical wiring but in today i am going to share with you a diagram with 3 different methods of staircase circuit wiring. This will help you very mush and after that you will do this circuit wiring with three different methods.
I always try to share explain full diagrams for electrical students, Now days people become advance, and electrical technology student try to find out electrical tutorials / diagram online but all of them don't understood every diagram. That's why i design my diagrams simple and easy to understood.

How to Do Staircase Wiring with 3 different methods?

In this diagram i shown 3 different methods of staircase wiring diagram, In these 2 way light switch diagrams i use two way switches to control a light bulb or lamp holder with 2 different places. In this connection if a person switch bottom switch of stair and when he/she reached on top then if he switch the upper 2 way button then bulb will switch off.
And if a person want to come from top to down then if he switch the top switch then flow of electron will start and bulb will energized and when ever he switch the down 2 way switch, then flow of electron will stop due to open circuit and bulb will stop glowing.
The main reason of this circuit is that to save electricity when we did not required lighting is stair or controlling bulb from both places. However let's explained again with diagram.

staircase wiring diagram

Explanation Guide of Staircase Wiring Circuit

This staircase wiring circuit can be done by 3 different methods with two way switches, which is shown in above diagrams, you can use one of this wiring method for controlling a light bulb from 2 different places.
The important of this staircase wiring circuit is to make lighting stair in home but for a small time which time we needed and when we don't use the stair then we can switch off the bulb easily.
In this circuit as i tell above we can control or switch the bulb from both places upper and bottom. However just take an example.

For example we want to go from bottom to upper using stair in home, and it's night time and we needed lighting in stair. So when we switch the bottom switch, the bulb will energized and glow up. When we reached to upper, and we want to switch off the lamp / light bulb then we can switch the bulb using the upper switch.
So if we want to come from upper to bottom, then we follow the same method, we will switch the upper switch, bulb will glow up and when we reached to bottom then we can easily switch off light bulb by using the bottom 2 way switch. In short we can switch On and Off light with both places.


This is the first time on internet that a website share 3 different methods of staircase wiring diagram or controlling a light bulb from two places. INSHALLAH soon we will make more helpful and simple diagrams which can be understood by any one. Now if you have any problem facing or any question regarding this post then you can ask me in below comments section. Keep visiting ...........

Sunday, October 25, 2015

As electrical website owner it's my responsibility to write about electrical technology. In this post i am writing about two way light switch diagram Or staircase lighting wiring diagram. Today i design a diagram about staircase wiring diagram or it's lighting diagram. In this type of wiring we control a lamp or light bulb from two places using two way switches. I already published a explanation guide about two way switch and it;s uses, you can find it by using below link.
How to wire 2 way switch?

Why Two way light switch wiring is important in Staircase circuit

Staircase circuit connection wiring is different from one way control light switch and we did not use one way switches in this connection because we need to controlled or switch off/on the lamp from both places top and down. For that we control lamp from two places using two way switches. In short this connection we use to save energy and to control or switching lamp / light bulb from both places.

How Two way control light bulb connection is works

In this wiring connection we use two way switches in which we have three terminals, in these terminals one is common and two for connection. we can use it for many connection using different connection methods. For example we use it changing flow of current positive to negative etc. However for better understanding  about two way switches open below link.
Two way switch explanation guide

How To Control a Lamp / Light bulb from two places using 2 way switches

The circuit of controlling lamp from two way switch is simple, in this connection we use two way switches, for this first of all connect the neutral wire to the lamp or bulb socket and then connect the phase or Line wire to the common terminal of the first two way switch, the do connection between the other terminals of first and 2nd switch terminals with one another as shown in below diagram. In last connect a wire between lamp socket 2nd terminal and 2nd switch common terminal as shown below image plus diagram.

two way light switch diagram


I hope you learn some thing from this two way light switch diagram, and i hope know you understood this circuit diagram. Now if you have any question or suggestion regarding this then type you message in below comment section.
How ever soon i write a article about this type of wire but with 3 different methods and diagram.

Friday, October 16, 2015

When we start a project of electrical wiring the first and the main control point of wiring is distribution board. Distribution board wiring is very important for controlling the E wiring. For this post i designed a diagram about distribution wiring, we can called this circuit breaker or controlling fuse box. In the diagram is shown the method of wiring distribution main board form utility pole to Energy meter and then DP circuit breaker and SP MCB breaker.
However we study all step by step distribution board wiring below, as we talking about the distribution main board diagram, first see this.
distribution board wiring

How to Distribution Board Wiring for Single phase Wiring with Dp MCB, sp mcb, earth, voltmeter, ammeter for Home wiring

In the above diagram i shown the complete method of wiring, i wired an energy meter after that a double pole and then single pole breakers for each room or each point of circuit load. The main reason of this board in E wiring is that we can control the complete wiring form this place. That's why we can called him the main circuit breaker box. In above image i provide the complete instruction which needed however lets do study some parts with details.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

In our last class you learned the method of wiring 3 phase voltage meter but that was only for just measuring the voltage between 2 phase or 2 line voltage. In this article you will learn complete method of 3 phase voltage measuring and it's voltmeters wring. In this post i will show you that how to wire 2 voltmeters for three phase voltage measuring.

How to Wire Voltmeters for Three Phase

In this wiring diagram we use the two 3 phase volt meters which is wired between one another, my means that we wire one volt meter as we wired in our last post but we get a Line wire for 2nd voltage meter and then we connect the 3rd line or phase wire to the 2nd voltage meter to complete the electric circuit.
I know with out a diagram, it's too difficult to make understand a body that's why i designed a diagram about this.

voltmeter wiring diagram

As i shown in the above diagram, i wired 2 volt meters for three phase power supply. I shown three phase supply Line wires with red, yellow, blue collars and black as neutral. As i shown, " connect the L1 to the first voltage meter and then connect the L2 to the first and 2nd voltage meter as i shown in above  diagram. In last connect the L3 to the 2nd terminal of second volt meter as i shown.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

To i am gonna to start about the 3 phase wiring and it's 3 phase diagrams, in this post you will learn that how to wire a voltmeter for 3 phase wiring. In this post i am sharing with you a diagram in which i shown the complete method of 3 phase 440 V and it's wiring with voltmeter. For 3 phase we use the 0 to 500 volts range voltmeter.

Some thing about Voltage and Voltmeter

We know that the force which required to make the flow of electrons in conductor is called voltage, and the measurement device which is used for measuring the voltage is called voltage meter or voltmeter. Note that Voltage unit is volt and it is denoted by V.
And if voltage meter have V symbol then it's mean that it is a voltage meter.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

With another Electrical wiring class, I am gonna to publish a post about energy meter wiring diagram OR how to wire a single phase Kwh (Kilowatt Hour) energy meter. In this post i only share with you diagram in which i shown the complete method of energy meter wiring or instillation.

Energy meter is an electric meter which read your consumption of current or load, In many places energy meter provide by electric supply company, and also it's wired and instilled by electric supply company, however as electrical student you must learn this wiring connection but be safe before doing this or if you can't do this then call a professional.

Friday, October 2, 2015

When an electrical student start his study or he select the electrical technology that he/she will make his future in electrical technology. In first book he/she face a law which is called ohm’s law which very important law. Because using this law a electrical student can do calculation of many electrical circuit example, but many people learn the ohm’s law just for solving example which given in book or paper but can not use it in real work.
Every one know that the ohm law is important for electrical student and every one know that ohm 's law is too simple to learn but many student can not use it real work, my mean’s that they did not understand completely the ohm law. Today in this article we will disuse the ohm ‘s law and it’s formulas with complete example which will make you completely understood.

ohm's law

Ohm’s Law Explanation

In the electric circuit, the current (I) is directly proportional to the appalled voltage and inversely proportional to the total circuit resistances. This law is called ohm’s law which was make/explained by Bavarian mathematician and physicist  Dr. Georg Ohm.
In simple words if the circuit current will high then circuit voltage also high or we can said that current and voltage will have relation ship between one another and if resistance will high then current and voltage will be getting low.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

As refrigerator mechanic," mostly people ask me that her refrigerator not cooling and they take me to his/her home to check refrigerators, There are some main reason and problems of fridge and freezer not working and in this post i am writing about refrigerator not cooling problems and it's solution.

8 Refrigerator not Cooling Problems And It's Solution / Repair

refrigerator not cooling

Test the electrical outlet

Mostly refrigerator stop working and stop cooling due to outlets where we get supply for refrigerator. In simple words every one know that refrigerator works on electric energy and if electric supply is not receiving to the fridge then how can it work. In this problem when we try to start the refrigerator and Ref not starting. The short and simple way to test the outlet voltage, plug in refrigerator shoe  and then check the lamp of refrigerator.
If the lamp is glowing then there is no internal problem in electrical outlet and if its not glowing then test the outlet incoming current using multimeter or other electrical testing devices. You can also test the outlet / socket by plugging in other electrical substance e.g example plug in you mobile charger and see what happen, if your mobile get charging it's means that your outlet is right and have not internal problem.
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Refrigerator is start but not cooling

In some countries the incoming voltage is too low or we can said that low voltage is also a reason or refrigerator not cooling or not working of a refrigerator. In many Cases- refrigerator compressor is start up and then trip. It's means that the incoming voltage is low for refrigerator compressor motor Or other problem in compressor or PTC relay.
Note that the 220 volts compressor not working on 110 - 115 volts supply. If your refrigerator compressor required 220 volts supply and your incoming supply is only 110, then use a step up transformer or a voltage regulator to step up voltage.

Check the thermostat switch

We use the thermostat switch in refrigerator to make an open electric circuit or automatic switch off compressor motor when refrigerator compressor complete his cooling. We use the thermostat switch in series between the compressor and electric supply. Mostly children switch off compressor supply form thermostat switch and we think there is a problem in refrigerator or the it's stop cooling well . Test your thermostat switch do it correct.

Check the PTC Relay and overload Protector

Test your PTC relay and overload protector and if you seen any problem in these devices then change it, if you can not do it himself then call a professional.
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Check the supply wire of Refrigerator

If your refrigerator wire have internal damages or open circuit, then this also a big reason of refrigerator not cooling.

Compressor Problem

Check the compressor using ohm meter and find out the problem and if your compressor is burn  or have internal winding problem then change the compressor. Also test the shortage of compressor between compressor terminal and compressor body using connectivity test. The compressor not working is also a Problem of refrigerator not cooling
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Refrigerant / Gas leak problem

If your refrigerator compressor start properly and it's not cooling. For that problem first of all start the refrigerator and test the condenser pipe which is connected with compressor Hi pressure point if the compressor is start and this pipe is not getting heat then it's means that your refrigerator have no refrigerant gas, and have a leak problem.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This post is all about the fuse box and importance in electrical wiring. In this post we will discus the electrical fuse boxes and it's working and properties in electrical wiring. INSHALLAH our next post will about the fuses box wiring diagram. But in this post we will only lighting about the importance of fuses.

What is Fuse Box?

Fuse is electrical safety device which we use in electrical circuit to protect our electrical appliances from damages and burn. In simple words a fuse in an electrical low resistance device which protect the electrical devices form over current or to protect electrical wiring in case of short circuit.
A fuse box is an electrical panel box where we wired all fuse for protection. Are we can said the circuit point where the fuses in connected between supply and circuit.
Note That a fuse will always contact in series between supply and load.
We can also called circuit breaker box a type of F box, because the circuit breaker is also protection devices which we wire for safety in electrical wiring.

fuse boxes

How A fuse Works?

A fuse is low resistance electrical device which cut off the electric current flow in case of high or over current flowing. E.g example if a fuse is design for 5 ampere (A) load and the circuit start getting high current (ampere). When current will increase  form the 5 ampere the resistance will heat of due to high current flow and due to heat the fuse burn and make an open circuit.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

We know that for power wiring / 3 phase motor wiring we use mostly the magnetic contactor or motor starter. In this post we will study the magnetic contactor importance, working / function and it's uses in electrical technology. I also share post about M contactor wiring diagram but this post specially for function and working of 3 phase contactor or motor starter.

What is Magnetic Contactor?

We can also said that a contactor is type of electrical relay which we use for power electric motor to start or stop. Contactor make easy to controlled 3 phase induction motors. We know that 3 phase motor required three phase supply to run, 3 phase supply is two dangerous which we can not handle with a circuit breakers for induction motor. Contactor make easy to handle the 3 phase motor controlling. The parts of the magnetic contactor are coil, iron core, 3 contacts points and NC, NO points.

magnetic contactor

How a Magnetic contacor Works

The function of a contactor or motor starter is simple, when the AC supply goes to the contactor coil, the coil make a strong magnetic field and field pulls the iron core to the coil and make a electrical contacts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last time i wrote a post about normally open switch and this post is about the normally close switch or NC switch. A NC or normal close switch is a switch which have close electric circuit in normal state. Or we can said that normal close push button switch is switch which is close electric contact in normal state and when we push it then switch make a open contact or open circuit.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I published 2 post about power wiring / 3 phase wiring and in both post i talked about normally open switch and i used it in my diagrams. There will be many peoples how  don't know about that what is a normally open switch or what is NO push button switch and how its works.
To make these question off, i am gonna to write this post and i  disuse only normally open switch in this post which we better known with his short name NO which mean normal open switch . However my next post will be about the Normally close switch or NC push button.

What is Normally open switch and How it's works

This switch is momentary switch which is internally open electric circuit in normal state just like doorbell switch or we can said that doorbell switch is a good example of normal open switch. When ever we push this switch, it make contact of electric supply or make a close electric circuit. We can also called normally open contact switch.
There are some images of normal open push button switch and it's symbol for better understanding.

normally open switch symbol
Normal open push button switches and symbol

Uses of Normally open switch / NO push button switch

Friday, September 4, 2015

For three phase motor we always wire contactor, this post help you in contactor wiring and i hope after this post you will be able to wire a 3 phase motor, i also published a post about 3 phase motor wiring with magnetic contactor and thermal overload relay, but today post and contactor wiring diagram is too simple and easy to learn. 2 days ago i wired 380 to 440 volts contactor for a 3 phase motor and save these images of contactor in PC. Its is important to share with you these images but you can not learn clearly with out a diagram.

How To Wire a Contactor With Overload relay

thermal overload relay with contactor

In the above image i wire a contactor and thermal overload relay for a three phase motor, with NC and NO push button.
Note that NC means Normal Close and NO means  Normal Open, in clear words NC push button is a button which is normally close circuit and NO push button is a button which is normally open electric circuit.

NC push button we use for switching off the motor and NO push button for Switching On the electric circuit or 3 phase motor.

Normal close and Normal Open push button
Contactor buttons

I know these images help you very mush in contactor wiring or contactor instillation but you can not learn completely with out a diagram. So in below contactor wiring diagram i shown a contactor with a thearmal overlaod relay, 3 phase motor and NC, NO push button switches with complete wiring method.

contactor wiring diagram
Power wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown complete method of contactor wiring and 3 phase motor wiring and wiring installation method. Note that always connect the earth wire to the electric motor body. In the above contactor wiring diagram i did not shown any type of step down transformer or neutral wire for magnetic contactor coil because i use a 440 volts contactor in above circuit diagram, however you can learn some more from below links.

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I hope you learn some thing from this post and now you will be able to wire a contactor for 3 phase motor, however i will soon write about more power wiring diagram.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

In my last post i talk about the compressor overload and in this post you will learn about PTC Relay which we use mostly for every refrigerator compressor starting. PTC means positive temperature coefficient thermistor however we can called starting relay or compressor starting relay in simple words.

How a Refrigerator PTC Relay Working and Function

In the refrigerator compressor we use the split phase single phase induction motor  and this motor have internal two types of winding which we called running and starting winding or auxiliary winding. We know that a single phase motor did not start without starting capacitor or a staring current.
In simple words the refrigerator ptc relay gave a current to start winding and when the motor stat up the ptc compressor relay remove the start winding from the circuit.
So the above is a simple and short explanation of refrigerator relay and it's working, So lets know the working method of a PTC.

refrigerator ptc relay
Compressor starting relays

As i written above that ptc mean positive temperature coefficient thermistor which means that a relay with working relation with temperature. Basically a ptc thermistor is a resistor whose resistance increase with increase of temperature.

So let's explain it step by step
We know that compressor motor or fridge compressor have split phase induction motor which have two types of winding, the main winding which we called him RUN Winding  and the auxiliary winding which we called START Winding. A fridge compressor required a starting current to start normally and for this we connect the starting relay.
Compressor three terminals called START, RUN and COMMON. Common means the point where the start and run is connected.

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How to identify refrigerator compressor terminals

We connect overload protector to compressor common terminal and ptc relay to the run and start terminal. In ptc relay the supply goes direct to the run winding but between supply and start winding a thermistor is connected in series and when we switch on the refrigerator the current start flowing through the thermistor to auxiliary and compressor start up, this current flow heat thermistor and due to temperature the resistance of thermistor high and thermistor remove the start winding from supply.
E.g Example : If you start you fridge and then you switch off and then start it, you will notes that the compressor is not start again because of heat thermistor or relay. And when you switch off again and try after 5 to 10 minutes you will find the fridge compressor start normally.

In many cases we connect a staring and running capacitor to the ptc relay which help very much in staring compressor. With starting capacitor we connect ptc relay thermistor in series which make remove of start capacitor from the circuit. In many ptc compressor relay have a connection point for run capacitor and we connect the run capacitor in parallel with relay which help in better staring and running compressor.

Message :

I hope you learn some thing from this post about the ptc compressor staring relay and it's working, however i will guide you about all types of ptc relays and it's wiring methods with complete diagrams.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Welcome back to the refrigerator topic, and in this post we discus the overload protector which we use to protect refrigeration compressor. In this post you will learn the function of overload protector and it's working principles.

What is overload protector and it's function in refrigerator and air conditioners.

A overload protector is an electrical device which we use for compressors protection, whenever the compressor temperature high from his range the compressor overload cut off the electric supply from compressor motor that's why we called him thermal overload.
The connection of overload with compressor in series and inside the overload we connect a heating resistance and with heating resistance we connect a bimetallic strip metals. The heating resistance and bimetallic strip metals both make a overload relay.
The working of overload relay is simple whenever the compressor motor getting heat up, due to the overload connected with the compressor body, the internal overload heating resistance heat up and due to heat up the bimetallic strip metals cut up the connection between one another and its make  comprssor circuit to a open electric circuit. When the compressor come back to his normal state/temperature, the thermal overload protector make a close electric circuit inside, and connect the electric supply to the motor.

Note that compressor is getting heat by flowing a high amount of current, however if compressor getting normal current (Ampere) and it is  heating, then also Overload protector will be trip or make open circuit if it's connected with compressor body.

The cut off the supply overload make safe compressor motor from internal winding damages/ burned. However you will not understand the working principles of overload with out a diagram. That's why i designd a diagram about the internal structure of a thermal overload protector.

overload protector diagram

In the above figure, i shown overloads 2 types and i lights it's terminals with the name of IN and Out. The (IN) means that we gave electric supply to this terminal and (Out) means that we get electric supply for compressor or we can say that this point is goes to connect the compressor common terminal.

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I also shown a internal structure of overload in above example diagram. In diagram i shown the bimetallic strip metals with heating resistance with incoming and outgoing supply. When ever the compressor start getting high current the heating resistance heat up and create an open electric circuit.
This one of main reason that we use thermal overload protector in refrigerator compressor, i hope you will get a good information from this post, however we will soon discus the main reason of compressor getting high current or heat up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In my last post i share a diagram about making series testing board but my last diagram about series board which is only for connectivity testing, shortage testing, or compressor terminals testing but in this post you will learn that how can you make a testing board, from which you can test the low resistance electrical appliances such as Electric heater, iron etc.


For making or wiring this type of testing board you will require the below electrical substances.
2 Pin socket or Electric outlet
One way switch
bulb socket / bulb holder
Incandescent light bulb

How to make series testing board for low Resistance appliances testing

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My this post is about the series testing board which we can use in those places where we did not available other electrical testing device. It is the oldest but one of the best method of testing electric appliances or devices. In many places where we have not a multimeter and we required to test electric motor or other connectivity test then we can use series testing board which very simple to wire or make however we can not test all things but the necessity  is the mother of invention.

Friday, August 14, 2015

In my last post i guide you about the ammeter wiring which is only for low load and in this article you will learn that how to wire ammeter for high load or High ampere testing. In this post i am sharing with you a diagram in which i wired an ammeter with current transformer which is well know with his short name CT Coil.
By using the ammeter and CT coil we can measure high load ampere, Note that we use this wiring method for power wiring and by using this ammeter wiring we can test, measure high load circuit or ampere.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In my last post i written about the ammeter and now this post is about ammeter wiring , In this post i will completer guide you about the ammeter wiring and it's wiring diagram which i design for those student how can not learn from difficult diagrams.
In this article we clear some most important question which make a problem for electrical student. I always try to tech student with advance and easy way.

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How to Wire an Ammeter or Ampere meter

We know that the flow of electron in electric circuit is called current and current is denoted by I and it's unit is Ampere Which we denoted by "A". 
Note ammeter wiring is always in series connection but this is only for low load, For high load measure or testing ampere we use the CT coil with ampere meter to measure the A.
In this article we talk about low load, and for low load we wire ammeter in series with circuit.
In below diagram i shown that how to wire amp meter, in the diagram i shown two wire coolers in which one is Black and second is Red. You called this black and red cooler wires positive and negative for DC (Direct Current) or you can also called these coolers neutral and Phase for AC (Alternative Current).

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ammeter is will know with the name of ampere meter which is an electronic measuring instrument which is used to test or measure the ampere in a circuit. This article is about the ammeter and it''s types and function, how ever in our incoming post we will explain the the wiring of am meter further.

What is an Ammeter?

As i written in my above words that it is an electronic device which we use for testing the current in electric circuit. This device help us to know about the current (ampere) getting a circuit. Or we can said that we can test the consumption of electricity of a electric circuit using the ammeter.
Note that when in one second one coulombs of electron flow form a point is called the one ampere (A).

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We use three phase motor mostly in many places, in this post you will learn the 3 phase motor wiring with complete circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay diagram with step by step. We required some electrical things for three phase motor wiring which are below.


3 phase induction motor
3 core electric cable
Three phase 4 wire system supply (three phase and one neutral)
A circuit breaker
A contactor or stater
A overload relay
and flexible wiring cable for cotactor coil and button wiring
Normal close push button
Normal open push button

Before we starting talking about the wiring and wiring diagram, first we disuse the above substance . We required 3 core cable, a three core cable is a cable which have internal three electric cable which mostly in red, yallow and blue colors. The three phase 4 wire system supply means that we need 3 phase electric supply and one neutral wire. Note that we use the neutral wire for contactor coil wiring which we called the small wiring.
We also required the circuit breaker which are 3 pole circuit breaker or circuit breaker which can cutoff the 3 electrical connection in same time.
Normal close push button (NC) means that we need a push button which is normally have close electric circuit and when we push it then the button switch off the connection or change to the open electric circuit.
Normal open push button mean that we need a push button which have a open electric circuit in normal state and when we push it then it's change to the close electric circuit.

3 Phase Induction Motor Wiring with Contactor Wiring Diagram

To wire a 3 phase motor the first thing to wire is a circuit breaker which is disconnect and connecting point then we will get the supply from circuit breaker and connect supply to contactor or starter and then to overload relay. We connect the circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay in series between electrical supply and motor as shown in below diagram.

3 phase motor wiring diagram
power wiring

Update Diagram For Direct Online starter So use the diagram.

dol starter wiring diagram

Contactor and overload Wiring

Sunday, August 2, 2015

In my last post i share a 3 pin socket wiring diagram, in this post you will learn that how to wire a switched 3 pin socket or how to control a 3 pin socket from a circuit breaker. This wiring diagram is impotent because by using this wiring connection a person can easily switch off the 3 pin socket or can easily switch on by using the circuit breaker

How to wire 3 pin socket with circuit breaker

To wire a switched three pin socket, first of all connect the earth wire to E connection of socket and then connect the Neutral wire to N point of socket and connect the Phase wire to circuit breaker and then connect a wire between circuit breaker output terminal and socket L or P terminal as show in below diagram.

3 pin socket wiring with circuit breaker
three pin socket

Today in this post you will learn about 3 pin socket wiring which very useful wiring connection in home wiring. In this post i am sharing with you three pin socket or electrical power outlet wiring diagram.

Why three pin socket wiring connection is important

Because this is a power socket and we can use it for high load.This outlet have earthing point we can wire the earth wire with this socket.

How to Wire 3 pin socket

In three pin socket we have 3 connecting point where we connect the supply wires or electric wires. These are E,N,L connection. In these E for Earth wire, N for Neutral wire, and L for Phase wire.
So to wire the power socket first of all switch off your incoming supply by using the main circuit breaker and the start wiring.

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After switching off the breaker connect the neutral wire to the N point, Phase wire to P or L point and Earth wire to the E point as shown in below diagram.

3 pin socket wiring diagram
3 pin socket

I hope after diagram, you will completely learn the 3 pin socket wiring, now if you have any question then do ask me.

Friday, July 31, 2015

In our last posts i share a post about how to wire a single phase motor. Single phase motor wiring connection learning is very important for electrical technology student and for every one. As i said that i already share a post about the one phase motor wiring but in my last diagram i wired the motor  with  one pole circuit breaker  but in this post we will learn that how to wire single phase motors with two pole circuit breaker. This wiring diagram and wiring connection is better then form first one because we control both wire or supply connection (neutral and phase) and we can switch both wire any time by using the 2 pole or 2 point circuit breaker.

As we know that single phase motor is a capacitor start motor which can not be start with out a capacitor and its required a capacitor to start. You can also learn the function of capacitor by reading below post.

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Wiring Diagram of Single phase motor with 2 pole circuit breaker

To wire the capacitor start motor with two pole circuit breaker connect the AC incoming supply wires to the input terminals of circuit breaker and then connect the induction motor wiring connection or motor supply wires to output terminals or point of breaker as shown in below single phase motor wiring diagram.

single phase motor wiring diagram

Advantages of This single phase induction motor  wiring connection

This is very safe and protected connection and we can disconnect or switch off the complete electric supply from motor.  This is one of the big reason of this connection that we can work any time with out any problem.


I hope you learn from this single phase motor wiring diagram and now you will be able to wire you induction motor him self. Thank you for visiting……..

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Testing voltage is very important and in this article you will learn that how to test voltage Or how to test ac voltage of your incoming electrical supply. Testing voltage is important because if your incoming voltage is low or high then it's make your electric appliances burn.

How to test voltage using digital multimeter

In this post for testing voltage we use digital multimeter as voltage tester. For alternative current potential difference measurement we can use digital multi meter by following method.
Mostly in our digital multimeter we have option for testing ac voltage which are like 200V and 500V. For 110 volts testing we use 200 volts option and for 200 to 500 volts testing we use the 500 volts option.

For testing AC voltage first of all select the AC voltage testing option by using selector switch as shown in below image.

testing voltage

After plug in the multimeter probes in an electrical outlet / socket or connect the probes to the Electric supply as shown in below image.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

In Electrical wiring we wire dimmer switches for ceiling fans, in this post you will learn dimmer switch wiring  with complete explanation diagram. In our last published wiring diagram i published a post about ceiling fan wiring and with dimmer diagram. To day in this post i share with you a diagram which i find on a dimmer switch.
Last Friday i wired a room in my village and when i am gonna to instill the dimmer switch, i find a wiring diagram on the dimmer switch which was designed my company not by me but it's can help you, and today i am gonna to share this diagram with you.

Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram

dimmer wiring diagram
Dimmer switch wiring diagram

In the above wiring diagram, two terminals of dimmer is shown in which one for input and second for out put. We wired a dimmer in series between electric supply and ceiling fan. So as shown in above diagram one wire goes to direct to the ceiling fan and the second wire go to the dimmer and then to fan.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

This post is about " what is a multimeter or the function of multi meter, in this post we discus working of multi meter shortly and after this post we will complete write about the multimeter uses.

What is a Multimeter and it's Function 

Multimeter is a electronic measurement device which we use for testing Ohm or Resistance (Ω) , AC voltage, DC voltage, Diode testing or buzz extra extra.
There are two types of mulitimeter which are Analog and Digital. A analog multimeter have moving pointer which move over a scale. A Digital multimeter display the measurement value in numbers. The advantage of a multi meter is that we can use for different measurements.
E.g We can use it for DC voltage testing, we can use for Ohm (Ω) or Resistance testing, We can check the AC voltage.

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Here is a look of Digital and Analog Multimeter.

Analog multimeter
Analog Multimeter

In Electrical wiring doorbell wiring is very important and useful connection. In every home we wire a doorbell and with out this wiring connection the all wiring is incomplete. In this post i will share three wiring diagrams of door bell in which i shown door bell transformer wiring, door bell with push button and two door system wiring.

How to Wire a doorbell?

To wire a door bell first of all connect the neutral wire to doorbell first terminal or connect to door bell wire. Then connect the phase (L) wire to push button and the do a wire connection between  bell and push button 2nd terminal as shown in below diagram.

doorbell wiring

In the Above diagram i wired a door bell with push button and i also shown a symbols diagram. This diagram is for those door bells with are working on 220 V or 110 V and have internal power supply. The next diagram for those bells which don't have internal power supply or transformer which step down the electric current.

Friday, July 17, 2015

We use capacitor in our electric fans, in this article i am gonna to write about the use of capacitor in fan or Ceiling fan. Every body know that a single phase motor can not be start with out using capacitor and the electrical fan are also a type of single phase motor.
We use two types of capacitors in single phase motor, in which one is Starting capacitor and 2nd is Running capacitor. In this article we discus the function of a capacitor in ceiling fan however we will discus the starting and running capacitor soon in our incoming posts.

Use Of Capacitor In Ceiling Fan:

Normally in our electric supply we have the lagging  power factor or we can said that we lagging current (I) and a ceiling fan required a leading power factor or leading current (I).
As i said that we have lagging current and fan required leading current not a leading voltage, so the capacitor make the current lead and when we use the capacitor then our supply have a leading power factor or Current.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the refrigerator compressor we have three terminals but it is very hard to identify compressor terminals or find out that which one is start, run and common. In this article you will learn that how a person can easily find out the compressor terminals. For testing compressor terminals we use an ohm meter or any multimeter which have ohm testing option and i hope after reading this post we will completely understand and identification compressor terminals will no more problem for you.

How To Identify Compressor Terminals

We know that compressor have three terminals and in these terminals one is called (Start terminal) 2nd called (Run terminal) and 3rd called (Common terminal). But you don't know that which one is start, run and common.
E.g : If you have refrigerator or Air conditioner compressor and you want to identify the terminals then follow the below method.

First of all gave name to the terminals, for example you gave name to terminals A,B,C. Then set multimeter on Ohm. Put leds of multimeter and test the A and B terminal, then check the A and C terminals and then B and C. You will find high resistance between two terminals. For example you Find 50 resistance between A and B terminals (A-50-B), it's means that these terminals are start and run and the 3rd one is common. So you find out the common terminal and now you want to identify the start and run terminal.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mostly in our daily life single phase motor are use then 3 phase motor. Stand fan, Ceiling fan, refrigerator compressor etc are all single phase motor. When ever we talk about the single phase or one phase motor we here about the start run and common. But we don't know that what is start run and common. This post will help you that what is this in one phase motors.

Start Run Common Diagram :

In a single phase motor have two types of coil and we called him running and starting coil or winding. and these two coil have one starting point and one ending point.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

We do always the breaker box wiring in electrical wiring for safety, in this post you will learn that how a circuit breaker box work in our electrical wiring. In this post i will share with you a simple breaker box diagram which help you to wire a breaker box and which gave you a idea about circuit breaker box wiring.

Working of Breaker box
Breaker Boxes

Wiring and Installation Guide For Breaker Box With Diagram

Importance of Breaker box in Electrical wiring :

(1) We can work easily in our electrical wiring by switching off the main circuit breaker.
(2) We can easily find out the short circuit, (if a room have a short circuit then the circuit breaker will be trip which is used for the room).
(3) We can easily switch of the electricity where we did not need the electric supply.

Circuit Breaker Box Wiring Diagram And Explanation :

In wiring of breaker box, we wire the circuit breakers, Mostly we use the single phase electric supply in our daily life, in single phase we have one phase and one neutral. In breaker box first we wire the two pole circuit breaker and the we will get supply from two pole circuit breaker for other circuit breakers.

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After wiring the 2 pole breaker we will get the phase from 2 pole breaker and share will all the single pole OR one pole circuit breakers. Then we will get the electric supply for every point from the one pole circuit breakers.
E.g : If we wire a breaker box in a home and we have 3 rooms and one kitchen, so we wire 2 one pole breaker for each room, because in room wiring we have two types of load, High load and low load. High load mean electric heater, Air conditioner etc and Low load mean electric fans, TV, computer, lights etc.
So we wire two types of  breakers in which which one for high load and one for low load.
For high load we will use 20 Ampere (20 A) and for low load we use the 10 ampere. And for kitchen we will use only one high ampere circuit breaker (20 A) . In the below circuit breaker box wiring diagram i completely guide about all things but my article is not end, it is continue after the diagram.
circuit breaker box wiring diagram
Wiring Diagram of Breaker Box

In above breaker box wiring diagram, i did not use the symbols which is very easy for me to design but i want that you understand in very small time that's way i use the breaker images.
In the above diagram i wire three room and one kitchen from breaker box.
Note that the neutral wire is only control from the main double pole breaker and we connect the neutral wire to brass electrical connector which available in market and we use it in every breaker box wiring.
Use the 6 mm wire for main supply and use 4 mm wire for the high load of rooms (Air conditioner , Heater etc) and 2.5 mm for low load of rooms, note that 2.5 mm cable only for main switching board of the room not for other room wiring. Use the 1.5 mm for other electric appliances (ceiling fan, lights etc) in bedroom . Use the 4 mm wire for neutral for each room because this wire is common and we get supply for both high and low load.

Final Word :

Use 6 mm copper wire for incoming supply.
Use the 63 Ampere high quality double pole circuit breaker.
Use the 4 mm cable for High load (e.g Air conditioner, heater) .
Use the 20 Ampere circuit breaker for High load.
Use the 10 Ampere circuit breaker for Low load.
Use 4 mm cable for neutral wire.
Use the high load and high quality connector for neutral supply connection .
Use 6 mm wire for share phase to the circuit breakers.
Use the 20 amperes breaker for bathroom and kitchen supply.  

To all of my visitor i requested to share this breaker box wiring diagram and article, because i spend a big time of making the diagram and writing this article, and now you have any question regarding this circuit breaker box diagram then do your post in below comment section.