Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Wire a Switched 3 Pin Socket

In my last post i share a 3 pin socket wiring diagram, in this post you will learn that how to wire a switched 3 pin socket or how to control a 3 pin socket from a circuit breaker. This wiring diagram is impotent because by using this wiring connection a person can easily switch off the 3 pin socket or can easily switch on by using the circuit breaker

How to wire 3 pin socket with circuit breaker

To wire a switched three pin socket, first of all connect the earth wire to E connection of socket and then connect the Neutral wire to N point of socket and connect the Phase wire to circuit breaker and then connect a wire between circuit breaker output terminal and socket L or P terminal as show in below diagram.

3 pin socket wiring with circuit breaker
three pin socket

I hope know you will be able to wire a switched three pin socket using socket and circuit breaker. Share our blog with friends if you learn some thing. Thank you.

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    1. You can easily make a earth wire connection in your home, however soon i will publish a post about making earth connection in house.

  3. Wow nyc articles yaar.. good job Sikandar bhai.